Genesis 6 releases its ruleset for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

It could set a precedent for tournaments moving forward.

Image via Nintendo

The competitive ruleset for Genesis 6, one of the biggest upcoming Super Smash Bros. related events, has been revealed for the Ultimate tournament on Feb. 1.

Out of all the games that will be featured at the event in Oakland, California, one title in particular stands out: The latest entry in the Smash Bros. series, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch.

Most of the rules are what fans might expect to see from a Smash Bros. tournament. Hazards are off, it’s a three stock match, and there will be a time limit—but there are some noticeable rules that have raised eyebrows.

For starters, Mii Fighters will not only be viable, but they’ll be allowed to have any moveset. Players will also need to create their Mii Fighters ahead of time before a tournament set begins to stop players from intentionally stalling matchups.

Image via Genesis 6

The stages that Genesis has deemed competitively viable are also interesting. The five starter stages include Battlefield, Smashville, Pokémon Stadium 2, Final Destination, and Lylat Cruise. Unova Pokémon League, Castle Siege, Town and City, Yoshi’s Story, Kalos Pokémon League, and Yoshi’s Island (Brawl), on the other hand, are counter-pick stages.

Each community will have its own idea in terms of what it believes are legal stages, but it’s good to see that Genesis 6 is matching up with our earlier predictions on which fighting areas should be allowed in Ultimate.

Genesis 6 will be one of the first major tournaments to run Super Smash Bros. Ultimate since its release at the start of December 2018—and its rules could set a precedent for all other Ultimate tournaments moving forward.