Dan and new V-Shift mechanic coming to Street Fighter V on Feb. 22

There's a lot of new content coming in SFV season five.

Image via Capcom

As part of the Winter Update, Capcom has provided new information about its fifth season of content for Street Fighter V, including a release date for Dan, a breakdown of the game’s new mechanic, and a bonus DLC fighter too. 

Dan Hibiki, the first DLC fighter that will be released as part of SFV season five, is dropping on Feb. 22. His V-Skills seem to focus a lot on canceling out of special moves using taunts that will steadily build his V-Gauges up, making him a versatile fighter who makes up for his inherent incompetence with fluid and sudden combo extensions. 

Alongside Dan’s release, Capcom introduced the newly revealed V-Shift mechanic, which was shown off as a mostly defensive system that allows players to counter attacks in unique ways without needing to block. The move allows players to follow-up with an attack of their own and looks like it makes the user invincible to attacks, projectiles, and throws while using one bar of V-Gauge. 

Image via Capcom

On top of those two details that we already knew were going to be announced, Capcom also confirmed an earlier tease by announcing that the shapeshifting prototype Eleven will be joining SFV as a bonus sixth DLC character for season five. 

Eleven was already in the game as a non-playable character in Urien’s story and will now be released as a full fighter sometime in the future. He’ll be a gimmicky fighter that can mimic other fighters. Fans should learn more about when he’ll be released and if he has any unique abilities soon. 

Fans also got their first look at Rose, the next character that will be releasing this spring. Her Soul-based attacks will give her a good mixture of long-range attacks and combo pieces, combining classics like her Soul Satellite with new aspects added in. 

Image via Capcom

A remastered version of Street Fighter Alpha 2’s Marina of Fortune will also be added as a new stage when Rose is released. 

Image via Capcom

We also got an expanded look at SFV’s season five pass, which will be split into a Chracter and Premium Pass. 

Image via Capcom

The Character Pass will give players access to all five DLC characters (plus Eleven), the added character colors, a PS4 theme/PC wallpaper, five additional Battle Costumes including the Tengu Dan skin that was shown off in the update, and six new titles. It’ll be available for $24.99.

The Premium Pass tosses a bunch of extra content onto the Character Pass’ offerings, totaling 26 new costumes, two stages, more character colors, eight titles, five Fighter Profile themes, and 100,000 Fight Money. It’ll be available for $39.99. Both passes are up for pre-purchase right now. 

Future updates will share more information on when Rose and Eleven should be joining the roster as part of SFV season five, along with showcasing Oro, Akira, and the unrevealed fifth DLC character that will round out this season. We actually saw our first glimpse of Oro at the very end of the stream, though it was just his model and a basic animation.