Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays week one results

Momma said knock you out.

Image via Mediatonic

Twitch Rivals is taking the sensation that is Fall Guys and turning it into an esport for the first time this weekend with an influencer-driven tournament for top streamers to duke it out.

With 80 total streamers invited, the event today has 20 teams of four that will compete in up to 10 matches of Fall Guys. Each team will get points based on how many players qualify from each team.

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For every team member that qualifies from the first round of a Fall Guys game, a team can get one point. For the second round, teams get two points for each player that qualifies for the next round. 

From there, each round awards one more point for each qualifying player (i.e. round three gives three points, round four gives five points, etc.). In the final round, players are awarded points for winning but the number of points varies based on when the final round is

  • Round two: 20
  • Round three: 17
  • Round four: 14
  • Round five: 10
  • Round six: Seven

To start the tournament, teams will queue into six games to build up some points. In the seventh round, teams placed 11th through 20th will be eliminated. From there, 50 percent of the remaining teams will be knocked out every round until only two teams are remaining for the tenth and final round.

The event can be watched on the official Twitch Rivals channel starting at 3pm CT on Aug. 28. This article will be updated as teams start to tally up scores.