Thin Ice final to arrive in Fall Guys with season 3

Beware of the slippery ice.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys is receiving a new final level called Thin Ice when season three starts on Dec. 15. This new final requires players to navigate a slippery level of ice that breaks after players run over each piece too many times. 

Thin Ice is similar to Hex-a-Gone, in which players must run over pieces that disappear after being stepped on. But in this game mode, the ice tiles can be stepped on three times before they break, and there is only one layer of ice, so players will not have another chance on a lower layer. The tiles are also slippery, which means players must worry about their speed and balance to avoid falling off the map. 

Thin Ice will add more variety to the final stages players must win to earn a crown. Many fans have repeatedly complained about playing the same finals, and the new final will help alleviate this issue.

The new final is winter-themed and is a perfect addition for the holiday season. Players can expect seven new levels in total and over 30 new costumes to customize their character with.

Four new costumes were recently revealed across various Fall Guys social media accounts, including a Candlestick costume and a Yeti costume. Players who want to unlock both should consider saving their crowns over the next few days. 

 Fall Guys players can experience Thin Ice when season three starts on Dec. 15.