Mediatonic temporarily paused matchmaking in Fall Guys to address season 3 issues

Matchmaking should be back soon.

Image via Devolver Digital

The Fall Guys season three update is here, but it hasn’t gotten off to a smooth start.

Mediatonic is aware that entire lobbies are being eliminated in Tail Tag and Survival rounds, and Crown Ranks aren’t granting retroactive awards. Matchmaking was temporarily disabled while Mediatonic worked on addressing these issues, but the developers said the game is back online now.

Mediatonic began rolling out season three of Fall Guys early this morning, which created unintended issues in the game. Survival rounds and the Tail Tag game mode eliminated the entire lobby, making it impossible for players to progress. Other players reported Crown Ranks not granting rewards, causing a frustrating situation. 

In response, Mediatonic temporarily disabled matchmaking while it worked on addressing these issues. This wasn’t an ideal situation for players, but it was a temporary effort that should resolve the problems. 

Fall Guys season three is introducing seven new levels for players to enjoy. These include Tundra Run, where players must dodge snowballs and other objects while they race to the finish line, and Ski Fall, where players must jump through various rings to score points and qualify for the next round. 

Season three also introduces the new Crown Rank feature, which increases when players earn crowns. Players will receive various rewards as their Crown Rank increases, including golden versions of iconic costumes. 

The Fall Guys Twitter account recently posted that the game is back online. “Crown ranks are still a bit broken for previous awards, but we are looking to fix by the end-of-week,” Mediatonic said. “Hex-A-Gone is temporarily disabled due to a physics bug, we’ll keep you posted on this.”