Mediatonic aims to “build trust” with community before bringing Fall Guys to other platforms

Fans on other platforms will have to keep waiting.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys has dominated the PC and PS4 platforms in the last few weeks, leading to a demand for the game to be introduced on other consoles such as the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. 

Mediatonic recently confirmed it is open to bringing the game to other platforms in the future, but it has also established that building trust with their existing community is their number one priority. 

Joe Walsh, the lead game designer for Fall Guys, elaborated in a recent stream with Gary Whitta on how their focus is improving the experience for existing users before branching into other areas. 

“Right now, our real focus is on making the PlayStation and PC games as good as they possibly can be,” Walsh said. “We really have to build trust with the community now and make sure they believe that we can support this game and make it really good.”

He also explained that it would be a disservice to existing fans if they switched all of their attention to other platforms and did not focus on making the game as best as possible on the PS4 and PC. Players lucky enough to have access to the game will likely see continuous updates and fixes as they perfect the Fall Guys experience. 

This may come as bad news for Xbox and Nintendo players who will not likely see a version of Fall Guys on their system for a while. Mediatonic does have plans to bring their popular game to other platforms in the future, so do not lose hope.