How to dive in Fall Guys

This simple technique will have you winning crowns in no-time.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys has had a massive resurgence in popularity over the last few weeks following its move to free-to-play on June 21. The battle royale is simple to pick up and play and doesn’t feature any mechanics that are too difficult to grasp.

Despite this, there are techniques that, once learned, will give you a far better chance at winning crowns. One of these essential mechanics is diving.

Diving is an incredibly useful maneuver once mastered in Fall Guys. Not only does diving give you more reach to help land on faraway platforms, but it can also give you an edge against opponents when sprinting to the finish line if used correctly.

When it comes to diving in Fall Guys, here’s everything you need to know.

How to dive in Fall Guys

In order to dive in Fall Guys, your character must first be in mid-air, which can be achieved by pressing X on PlayStation, A on Xbox, or Spacebar on PC to jump. To dive, all you then need to do is press the Square button on PlayStation, X on Xbox, or CTRL on PC once in the air. Your Fall Guys‘ character will only dive in the direction they’re facing, so be sure to already be aiming where you want to go before diving.

There are three main uses for diving in Fall Guys, with the first being to give your character that extra mid-air boost needed to reach the next platform. The second most common use for diving is for reaching the finish line slightly ahead of opponents. If you jump and then dive right before your character reaches the finish line, you’ll beat out any nearby contestants that are only running towards the goal.

The last use of diving in Fall Guys is the most advanced, and also the least common. Because of the boost in speed diving gives you, you can use the technique to propel your character into your opponents, and when aimed correctly, you can knock them off of the map.