How do you win the Ring Hexathlon show in Fall Guys?

Stay on top, survive.

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The Idol Games has arrived in Fall Guys for a limited time, with players getting just a few days to complete 10 difficult challenges to earn some exclusive rewards. Two of those challenges require you to play and win a game of the Ring Hexathlon show.

Ring Hexathlon is a shorter show of three “intense” rounds of Hex-a-Ring, a new game introduced at the start of Fall Guys‘ free-to-play era. In Hex-a-Ring, players need to stay atop a rotating ring of tiles that disappear when someone runs over one.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you win a game of Ring Hexathlon.

How to win Ring Hexathlon in Fall Guys

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Ring Hexathlon consists of three rounds of Hex-a-Ring; the first two rounds will end after a certain percentage of players are eliminated, and the final round ends when only one player is left standing.

Like in normal Hex-a-Ring games, you want to be aware of the direction the ring is rotating. If you’re on the wrong side of the ring, you can easily find yourself on a steep angle with no way to keep yourself falling. The ring doesn’t rotate very quickly, so don’t overcook and try and run too far ahead of the rotation.

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Try and distance yourself from other players because the more players around, the more hex tiles that will rapidly disappear.

You’ll be tempted to panic jump when the tiles start disappearing around you, but if you’re on an island of tiles of the same height, you can just slowly walk between tiles. Let the other players panic jump around you.