All rewards and challenges included in Fall Guys Idol Games

Claim your place in history.

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Billed as “the most legendary event in the Blunderdome,” the Idol Games event has returned to Fall Guys, presenting dedicated players with their most difficult set of challenges to date.

The Idol Games event features some of the most difficult challenges of any event in recent history, so players that acquire and wear the event’s final reward costume will certainly be looked upon as some of the best Fall Guys players.

The Idol Games event is free to participate in, and runs from July 14 until July 19. Here’s everything you need to know about the challenges and the rewards.

All rewards and challenges in Fall Guys Idol Games

All Fall Guys Idol Games challenges

There are 10 challenges to compete during the Idol Games event in Fall Guys. Each challenge rewards 100 event coins. The challenges are:

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  • Play any round in Ring Hexathlon
  • Reach round three in Duos Show
  • Win Ring Hexathlon
  • Win Squad Duos Show
  • Reach round three in Squads Show
  • Reach round four in Solo Show
  • Reach the final round in Squads Show
  • Reach the final round in Solo Show
  • Win Squads Show
  • Win Solo Show

All Fall Guys Idol Games rewards

There are five total rewards to be earned during the Idol Games event. Players will earn each reward by reaching an events coin milestone. The rewards are:

  • “Idol Games Athlete” nickname – 200 coins
  • 200 Kudos – 300 coins
  • “Idol Games Athlete” nameplate – 500 coins
  • “Crown Idol” lower costume – 800 coins
  • “Crown Idol” upper costume – 1000 coins

The Idol Games event in Fall Guys runs from July 14 to 18.