Fall Guys is getting an Xtreme mode that removes respawns

One life, one run, and one chance to qualify.

Image via Mediatonic

Mediatonic has done a lot of work on Fall Guys around season 4.5’s launch last week. And now, a hardcore mode is being added to the game that removes the ability to respawn.Β 

Xtreme Fall Guys will only give players one shot to qualify in every round, eliminating them from the lobby if they fail to make the cut. 

This should give the game a secondary mode to bring players and potential content creators in by offering a quicker experience that will be easy to pick up. It will also offer a different level of difficulty for anyone who wants to try and complete a perfect run. 

Xtreme will tie into the midseason patch that just dropped, which added The Slimescraper and Button Basher rounds, a number of bug fixes and minor improvements, and custom lobbies for both PC and PlayStation players. 

Mediatonic is going to continue updating Fall Guys with new seasonal and midseason content while working on the Xbox and the Nintendo Switch versions of the game. Those ports were delayed at the end of April because the team wants to add β€œa bunch of new additions and features,” including crossplay between all platforms.Β