One of EA FC 24’s best players is unusable due to bizarre bug 

We've never seen anything like it.

Juventus' Allianz Stadium shown in EA FC 24.
Image via EA Sports.

EA FC 24 is now available to players in early access but a bizarre bug is making one of the best strikers in the game unusable.

The one-week early access period for EA Sports’ latest entry in the long-running soccer franchise and the first since the licensing split from the world governing body FIFA.

One of the biggest additions to EA FC 24 has been the long-overdue introduction of female players to the money-spinning Ultimate Team game mode, although a rather bizarre bug has been found when using one particular player.

The 88-rated Norwegian striker Ada Hegerberg has been dubbed “unusable” by the community due to the issue, which results in the ball being left behind whenever the left trigger is held on a controller—completely nullifying what should be one of the best strikers in the game.

The Lyon striker, who became the first-ever recipient of the Ballon d’Or Feminin in 2018, has seen her price on the Ultimate Team Transfer Market plummet as a result and is purchasable for less than 30,000 Coins — a price that is significantly less than any other of the top 10 strikers in EA FC 24.

Given the bizarre issue, it’s unlikely that Hegerberg will see a price jump anytime soon, and the fact that she is currently the only known player in the game to have the weird bug makes the situation even more strange.

Whether EA Sports will release a patch that fixes the issue in the near future remains to be seen, though it’s fair to say it is not the only known problem present in the game, with defenders in this year’s edition being particularly ineffective.

Hopefully, EA Sports will fix the issue before the full release of EA FC 24 on Friday, Sept. 29, though many fans won’t be holding their breath.

Update Sept. 25 4:04pm CT: EA has issued a response to the Ada Hegerberg bug in the EA FC 24 client, stating that they are currently “investigating” the issue. Until they manage to clear up the bug, players will not be able to start matches with Hegerberg in their active squad, and will need to remove her. The message also noted that players who received Hegerberg in Ultimate Draft will get their drafts reset, and will also receive a Draft Token.


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