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An image of the Dragon Age characters standing at the War Table
Image via Bioware

Dragon Age: Inquisition perks guide

Which perks will you invest in?

You’ll eventually unlock the perk mechanic in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Perks are bonuses that can provide a variety of boons to the Inquisition.

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Perks are divided into four categories: Cullen’s Forces, Leliana’s Secrets, Josephine’s Connections, and general Inquisition perks. You earn perk points by gaining influence as you play by completing War Table and Inner Circle missions, and progressing the campaign.

Remember, even though there are 34 perks, you can only use a maximum of 19 perks during a playthrough—although this does not count recruitable agents. It’s also important to note once an agent has been recruited, they will reduce the time it takes to complete their categories’ operations by five percent.

All Dragon Age: Inquisition perks

An in game screenshot of perks from Dragon Age: Inquistion
Some perks are far more useful. Image via Bioware
Category PerkEffectHow to unlock
ConnectionsAgent: Barter by BelleBelle’s trading connections all over Thedas gives the Inquisition access to valuable commodities and increases its influence with several merchant cartels.Recruit Belle 
ConnectionsAgent: Enchanter Ellendra Enchanter Ellendra was persuaded to use her impressive knowledge of healing and protection spells to aid the Inquisition.Recruit Enchanter Ellendra 
ConnectionsAgent: Fairbanks The rebel Fairbanks’s close ties with the commoners in the Dales and his familiarity with the Emerald Graves will contribute significantly to the Inquisition’s efforts to gain influence.Recruit Fairbanks 
ConnectionsAgent: Lord BerandLord Berand of Ferelden has returned to the Bannorn, bearing news of the Inquisition. His voice has turned many to the Inquisition’s cause.Recruit Lord Berand 
ConnectionsAgent: The Noble CadaverThe Grand Duchess Florianne in a pine box is now among the Inquisition’s assets. Florianne would be gratified to know she is as formidable in death as in life (if only because of her odor).Kill Grand Duchess Florianne and then sentence her remains to community service. 
ConnectionsAgent: Sigrid the ExileRecruit Sigrid Gulsdotten 
ConnectionsAgent: Sky Watcher Convinced the Herald of Andraste was sent by the Lady of the Skies, a shaman of the Avvar tribes has sworn himself to the Inquisition.Recruit Sky Watcher 
ConnectionsAgent: Speaker AnaisSpeaker Anais has spoken of the Inquisition to her followers. They, in turn, spread the word of the Inquisition and its mission.Speak with Anais and tell her to spread the word of the Inquisition. 
ConnectionsA Favor for a FavorMerchants offer the Inquisition a 10 percent discount on goods.
ConnectionsElite ClienteleBuy and sell for 15 percent better prices.Unlock A Favor for a Favor and Sterling Reputation 
ConnectionsExacting BuyersShrewd negotiation allows inquisition procurers to buy a shipment of high-quality materials for their craftsmen.Unlock The Rare Stocks. 
ConnectionsFriends in High PlacesMerchants will send messages when they have sales at their stores in hopes the Inquisitor will put in an appearance.Capture a keep
ConnectionsNobility KnowledgeDetailed study of politics, rhetoric, and those who wield them to best effect. Opens up new dialogue options related to nobles and politics. Grants 50 percent XP for each codex entry unlocked.
ConnectionsOnly the FinestInquisition procurers can bid at auction on the very highest-quality, rare materials.Unlock Exacting Buyers 
ConnectionsThe Rare StocksInquisition procurers can leverage the organization’s reputation to purchase a shipment of rare and valuable raw materials for crafting.
ConnectionsThe Short ListMerchants give access to special offers for rare inventory.Invest five points into Connections
ConnectionsSterling ReputationMerchants pay the Inquisition 10 percent more for sold items.
ForcesAgent: Clemence the TranquilMage Clemence from Redcliffe uses his knowledge of minor enchanting to reinforce the Inquisition’s defenses.Recruit Clemence 
ForcesAgent: Loranil Loranil’s involvement with the Inquisition cements an alliance with his clan. The perspective of a Dalish elf also gives the Inquisition’s forces an added advantage.Recruit Loranil 
ForcesAgent: Lord BerandLord Berand of Ferelden pledges his sword, and those of his forces, to the Inquisition.Recruit Lord Berand 
ForcesAgent: Michel de ChevanMichel de Chevin, Empress Celene’s former champion, brings his considerable experience as a chevalier.Recruit Michel de Chevan 
ForcesAgent: Ser BarrisSer Barris’s skill and leadership abilities make him indispensable to Cullen. With his understanding of the red templars, he is also well suited to preparing the Inquisition’s soldiers.Complete the quest Champions of the Just and make sure that Ser Barris survives
ForcesAgent: StorvackerRecruit Storvacker 
ForcesAgent: The Blades of HessarianThe Blades are unquestioningly loyal and relentless in battle. The group’s addition to the Inquisition lends significantly to its forces’ strength. Recruit The Baldes of Hessarian 
ForcesAgent: Vale’s IrregularsCorporal Vale founds Vale’s Irregulars, a company of refugees willing and able to take up arms against the chaos.Recruit refugees from the Hinterlands to the Inquisition via Corporal Vale. 
ForcesAdvanced FocusIncrease Maximum Focus from 100 to 200. Second Tier Focus Effect for abilities can be triggered.Invest five points into Forces
ForcesAntivan- Stitched SaddleProper tack of fine Antivan leather, custom fitted to both horse and rider, significantly increases resistance to being unseated.Unlock Rider’s Posture
ForcesMage SchematicsProvides new, rare schematics of mage armor and weaponsInvest four points into Forces
ForcesMassache’s MethodFive percent increase in XP for killing foes.
ForcesMaster FocusIncrease Maximum Focus from 200 to 300. Third-Tier Focus effect for abilities can now be triggered.Unlock Advanced Focus
ForcesMore Healing PotionsIncreases maximum number of potions the party can carry to four.Invest three points into Forces
ForcesRider’s PostureTraining in proper weight distribution during hard riding significantly increases resistance to being unseated.Invest two points into Forces
ForcesRogue Schematics Provides new, rare schematics of rogue armor and weaponsInvest four points into Forces
ForcesTrue GritAll party members gain a 10 percent increase to all defenses.Capture a keep
ForcesUnderworld KnowledgeOpens up new dialogue options related to criminal activities and grants 50 percent XP for each codex entry unlocked.
Forces Warrior Schematics Provides new, rare schematics of warrior armor and weaponsInvest four points into Forces
InquisitionAgent: Horsemaster Dennet Dennet lends his considerable experience with the training and handling of various steeds for the Inquisition.Recruit Horsemaster Dennet
InquisitionAntivan TailoringIncreases inventory capacity by 15.
InquisitionDeeds RenownA better network of bards and criers makes every Inquisition deed garner more power across Thedas.Invest four points into Inquisition
InquisitionExclusive TrainingGain one combat ability point.Invest five points into Inquisition
InquisitionHistory KnowledgeOpens new dialogue options related to history and the Chantry. Grants an additional 50 percent XP for each codex entry found.
InquisitionImperial Court Tailoring Increases inventory capacity by 15.Unlock Antivan Tailoring
InquisitionTempered Glass FlasksAdds one more potion slot for all party members.
SecretsAgent: The Eager RecruitThe young elven woman from Crestwood has joined the Inquisition. Her enthusiasm and dedication have set her apart from other recruits, and she has found a mentor in one of Leliana’s best agents.Recruit Jana
SecretsAgent: Frederic of SeraultFrederic’s extensive research into dragons intrigues scholars all over Thedas and draws them to the Inquisition, which benefits from shard knowledge.Recruit Frederic
SecretsAgent: Trader HelsdimRecruit Helsdim Rolfsen
SecretsAgent: A Magister in DisgraceFormer Magister Alexius has been pressed into service for the Inquisition, improving its understanding of the arcane with his experience in pushing the boundaries of magic.Judge Alexis and choose to recruit him
SecretsAgent: ServisServis now aids the Inquisition as an informant. Intelligence from contacts in the Tevinter Imperium will keep the Inquisition advised of Venatori movement.Capture Servis, judge him, and recruit him
SecretsAgent: Smuggler TannerTanner’s contacts in the underworld supply the Inquisition with both rare goods and vital information that cannot be obtained elsewhere.Recruit Tanner
SecretsAgent: Speaker AnaisSpeaker Anais has instructed her followers to spread out and gather information for the Inquisition.Recruit Anais and tell her to listen and gather information for the Inquisition.
SecretsAgent: Witty RittsScout Ritts is now under Leliana’s command and has proven herself adept at intelligence-gathering, employing her wit and charm to coax secrets from her targets.Recruit Ritts
SecretsArcane KnowledgeOpens up new Dialogue options related to the Fade or Arcane Studies. Grants 50 percent XP for each codex entry unlocked.
SecretsDeft Hands, Fine ToolsAll rogues in the party can open masterwork locks.Invest four points into Secrets
SecretsEagle-EyedGrants a significant increase to the discovery range of searching.Not required
SecretsEnhanced StudiesGrants 50 percent XP for each foe studied, including those already completed.Invest two points into Secrets
SecretsForward ScoutsReveals additional landmarks and points of interest on the maps of every area.Capture a keep
SecretsMaster HerbalistsA large collection of rare herbs will be delivered for personal useUnlock Veteran Herbalists
SecretsOptimal CuttingGrants a 10 percent chance for extra herbs with each harvest.
SecretsTrainee HerbalistsGain a collection of Tier One Herbs.
SecretsVeteran HerbalistsA large collection of uncommon herbs will be delivered for personal use.Unlock Trainee Herbalists

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