Valve’s latest Dota 2 Update may have leaked future Battle Pass content

We all knew it was coming eventually.

dota 2 ti9 new hero snapfire
Screengrab via Valve

There are always little secrets hidden deep within the code of updates to live service games like Dota 2, which is why seeing extra content added in the background of the Feb. 3 client update wasn’t surprising.

But more than just the potential tutorial missions that were discovered in that code, several players dug through the files and found not only more information pointing toward the guides, but also leaked content for what might be the next Battle Pass. 

Reddit user MSTRMN_ compiled a full list of general Battle Pass content that was leaked in the update, confirming nine different aspects that are likely to be present within the content bundle for The International 2020. Some of the content is returning from previous Battle Passes, which makes the believability of this information even more credible. 

Here is the list of content discovered within the code for the potential Battle Pass. 

  • Achievements
  • Wagering
  • Coaches’ Challenge
  • Event game (placeholder with no details)
  • Tipping
  • Favorite team
  • All-Star match at TI10
  • Fantasy league
  • Predictions

None of this information is really anything groundbreaking, but it does show that more information will slowly be added throughout even small updates as Valve continues to work on the TI10 Battle Pass. You can view the full code from the update on Steam Database, which also includes some rough translations at the top. 

Screengrab via Reddit

Additional unreleased features titled Creep Card and Glossary are also included here, but more information on those is not available within the code. 

And back to the point of a new tutorial system, there is code for a “learn page” of some kind that is not currently being used within the client, as well as more files titled “NewPlayerHome,” “Scenarios,” and “Guide Player” also being added. 

There isn’t much info available on any of those files, but the “Guide Player” has an in-game description and seems like it will be a new player designation that will be prominent at some point in the future as it has the most fleshed out info. 

  • In-game description of “This player is a great teammate.”
  • Added an icon near name indicating whether the player is a Guide Player
  • Guide Players will also have that icon next to their name when they chat in-game

But aside from all of these “leaks” the update was mainly used to format some things and change a few small aspects in regards to Snapfire. The next big update will probably be scheduled for after the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor qualifiers finish around the end of February, but smaller patches will likely come before then.