Valve’s hacking bug fix is causing innocent players to abandon matches

Unintended consequences with undesirable results.

dota 2 loading screen
Screengrab via Valve

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Valve recently pushed out a Dota 2 update to address players using command spam scripts to crash servers. But it’s also affected innocent players, preventing their heroes from responding with no remedy in sight.

Command spam scripts have been the most recent hot topic hack in the Dota community. While players have experienced and been able to counter the usual Skywrath automatic combo or instant hex scripts, the command spam script potentially forces the game to crash. If enough players disconnect, the match result is invalidated, preventing the scripter from getting a loss.

Valve’s update to combat the issue has unintentionally griefed its own player base, though. While the spam scripts reach humanly-impossible amounts of commands per second to crash the game, it appears that a player clicking quickly causes their hero to stop responding to any input. Whether it’s the protection system triggering or an unintended consequence of the code, it’s undeniably frustrating for players who are simply trying to play the game.

There appears to be no workaround for the unresponsiveness. Disconnecting or restarting the game doesn’t resolve the issue, which means there isn’t even a temporary relief for players. Therefore, it’s a game-ruining bug that affects innocent players.

The developers have generally been on the ball when it comes to these updates recently, so many players expect that Valve will quickly figure out the problem and push out another fix.