Valve releases Dota Plus Spring update, includes new seasonal treasure and quests

It's similar to a spring cleaning, but better.

Image via Valve

Based on its statistical advantages and the information it provides to the players during a match, Dota Plus has been a revolutionary inclusion for Dota 2. The same couldn’t be said for the amount of content that the subscription offered, however. But Valve has been trying to turn the tides in that regard since late last year.

The Dota Plus Spring 2021 update just went live earlier today, introducing more content for users to enjoy in the upcoming months. The last Dota Plus update added the Grandmaster tier, but there weren’t many new ways of grinding XP, which meant leveling up to that point was a challenging task.

With the new update, players will be able to earn bonus hero XP based on their relic progressions. Hero relics will also gain levels, and whenever a relic levels up, you’ll receive bonus hero XP at the end of that game.

The amount of XP you’ll gain for each relic is as follows:

  • Common relics – Five hero XP per level up
  • Rare relics – 30 hero XP per level up

The hero relic purchasing system also received a redo. Players used to be able to purchase a random relic for 800 shards with a chance of getting duplicates. The new system will allow players to purchase random common relics for 1,600 shards and random rare relics for 8,000 shards without getting any duplicates.

Turbo matches will also start counting toward relic progression at half the rate of normal Dota matches, making the mode more preferable for players looking to have quick casual games while still grinding hero XP.

The seasonal treasure has also rotated. The spring treasure features sets for Windranger, Clockwerk, Slark, Lich, Broodmother, Sand King, Drow Ranger, Pugna, Juggernaut, and Magnus, alongside a rare courier named Mango the Newt.

A seasonal update wouldn’t be complete with a new set of quests, though. Players will be able to acquire a total of 115,200 shards from the new seasonal quests. In addition to all the Dota Plus changes, the patch also rotated out the silver, gold, and platinum tier guild rewards.