Topson is now a Topfather

The two-time TI winner and his wife just had a baby girl.

Photo via Valve

Two-time The International winner Topson lost his chance to make it a three-peat after TI10 was postponed—but he just welcomed something more valuable than an Aegis into his life.

Topson and Mawar Remy Taavitsainen are now proud parents of a baby girl, Riina Azalea Taatvisainen. The couple announced the news today after being completely mum on the matter throughout the expectancy.

According to Mawar’s Instagram story, the couple had always planned to “keep some things in private” regarding the pregnancy.

Screengrab via mwrmy‘s Instagram

Topson’s peers have quickly reacted to the news. CS:GO legend s1mple actually tweeted out his congratulatory message before Topson himself announced the news to his followers, while 23savage and Sheever have offered their best wishes.

The OG midlaner had previously taken an enforced lengthy break as the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced esports to move towards online tournaments. Stuck in Malaysia for the first few months, Topson eventually returned to the main roster in May, most recently placing second at the OMEGA League two weeks ago.