Team Secret win seventh straight title after sweeping OG at Omega League

Can anyone stop this insane run?

Photo by Adela Sznajder via DreamHack

A full month of high-level competition in the Omega League: Europe Immortal Division has shown the Dota 2 community one thing, and that is Team Secret are playing at a level that few others can even meet right now. 

After dropping just two games since the competition began on Aug. 14, Secret swept OG in the grand finals to win their seventh straight title.

The first game gave players hope that the series would be a tight battle for the championship, but Secret seemed to nail down OG after just one clash, leading to a 3-0 sweep. Each game got progressively further out of reach for n0tail and his team, ending with a 29-5 stomp in just 22 minutes. 

Secret let OG pick Io in game one, but Puppey’s drafting skills remained unmatched as Secret put together a lineup focused on shutting down any attempt direct confrontations, namely using Faceless Void, Kunkka, and Sand King. OG were in control for much of the mid-game, but Secret swiftly took the reigns after two decisive teamfights post-40 minutes. 

That was the last time OG would lead outside of a single instance at the start of game three, as Secret utterly crushed them with a last pick Outworld Devourer for Nisha in the second game. 

All of Secret got to shine in a masterful showing in game three, with MATUMBAMAN playing his signature Lone Druid alongside Nisha’s Ember Spirit. OG had no answer and GGs were called 22 minutes in after Secret cleaned up a desperate last fight around the Rosh pit. 

With this win, Secret have now won their last seven tournament appearances without dropping a single game in any of their grand finals matches. They have beaten VP.Prodigy, Natus Vincere, Team Liquid, Alliance, Nigma, and now OG twice to claim that record. 

Puppey and his team take home $200,000 and maintain their position as the top Dota team in the world.