TNC Predator and ana lose nail-biter vs. Team Adroit

It was a well-fought match.

tnc vs aster dreamleague leipzig major
Photo via Valve

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TNC Predator, even with some OG magic, were unable to take down Team Adroit in the first round of the WeSave! Charity Play Dota 2 tournament.

Games one and two were split one apiece by TNC and Adroit respectively. TNC used the power of Chen and an unkillable Centaur Warruner and slowly chipped down the opposing base, while Adroit employed a similar strategy with Necrophos and a farmed Phantom Lancer.

The third game was an exciting finish to cap off the series. Adroit raced out to an early lead, but TNC were able to pull back the deficit largely thanks to Armel’s mid Mars.

This set the stage for a tense back-and-forth, where neither team was able to seek out a decisive advantage, best exemplified by a glorious teamfight around the Roshan pit that lasted for almost two full minutes.

While the gold graph trended towards TNC for the later parts of the game, Adroit always hung within reached and refused to give in.

Adroit’s John “Natsumi-” Vargas decided to end the game on his own terms, purchasing a Divine Rapier on his Troll Warlord to try and take down TNC’s pesky heroes. Finally, ana’s Phantom Lancer fell twice in the face of the Troll’s overwhelming damage output, and TNC then tapped out.

Team Adroit move on to face Geek Fam in the final round of the WeSave! Charity Play event, a non-profit tournament where the entire prize pool and donations from viewers and other benefactors will be entirely contributed to battling the COVID-19 Pandemic.