The International 2019 All-Star Game ruleset and breakdown

Who cares about the playoffs when groups give the best points?

Photo via Valve
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After yesterday’s announcement that this year’s All-Star game would be drafting players based on fantasy points, fans watching The International 2019 were a little confused. 

There wasn’t a lot of extra information available to really let viewers know the rules for how the selections would work or any exceptions to the rule that would be implemented. But now we have at least the rough outline for how the game is set to be run. 

The biggest update we got is that the fantasy points being used will only be taken from the group stage of TI9 that just concluded. So players who did well early now have a huge advantage. 

The top 10 players based on fantasy score will compete in the All-Star game, but only one player from each team will be eligible. As of now, based on the Dota 2 Fantasy Tracker, Evil Geniuses, Newbee, PSG.LGD, and Vici Gaming all have multiple players in the top 10, which means the list has been curated away from that outcome. 

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Viewers at home can play along with the All-Star game by picking their favorite player before the game begins. That player’s performance during the game can earn their fans battle pass points as the game goes on. 

As previously shown by Valve, the event will be a five on five, All Random Death Match. Fans can watch the insanity unfold on Aug. 23, with the official time and teams to be revealed closer to the game.