The International 10 prize pool is still on record pace after breaking $15 million

A slow period is coming, but the record is still in reach.

Image via Valve

While it hasn’t kept up its early speeds, The International 10 prize pool is still on record pace after surpassing the $15 million mark. 

After hitting $10 million on May 28, the TI10 Battle Pass was just under $1 million ahead of the 2019 curve. But now, it’s fallen off slightly and sits at around $500,000 above record pace. 

Screengrab via Dota 2 Prize Tracker

While the drop in Dota 2 Battle Pass sales might end up making the race for the biggest prize pool in esports history a lot tighter down the line, the most recent iteration is still set to hit around $37 million by the time it ends. That’s a conservative estimate without taking into account any major increases or decreases changing the current trajectory beyond another $500,000 swing in either direction. 

In terms of timing, the TI10 prize pool reached the $15 million mark a full three days ahead of TI9’s schedule, which means that it has gained two days on last year’s pace despite dropping in total earnings. It’s also more than 20 days ahead of every other Battle Pass in history, so even if something slows it down considerably, it should match last year’s success. 

Mid-June is usually when the initial spike in sales starts to slow down as players wait for more content to be released, which is when they’ll buy levels and exclusive treasures. The real defining factor will be if Valve can recreate the massive jump TI9’s Battle Pass had in July, which is what really pushed it to new heights. 

The Queen of Pain Arcana was just made available. With more content set to release throughout the summer, there should be nothing stopping TI10 from smashing the $34,330,068 record.