Quinn thinks a post-DPC Dota 2 ecosystem will be less of a ‘broken record’

Ready to conquer a new system.

Quinn and Ace hugging on stage at the ESL Berlin Dota 2 Major.
Photo via ESL

Quinn Callahan of Gaimin Gladiators (GG) shared his insights on the future of competitive Dota 2 in a recent DreamLeague Season 21 interview this week, and according to him it’s pretty much all good news.

Quinn has been an integral part of his team’s historic season, winning all Dota 2 Majors in a single year. Despite achieving one of the most dominant runs that Dota 2 fans got to witness in the DPC format, even he had grown tired of the same old system.

Many Dota 2 fans were initially skeptical about the DPC changes, but Quinn said he welcomes this shift, thinking it will bring a breath of fresh air to the game’s competitive scene.

During the Dexerto interview, Quinn acknowledged the DPC, while successful in many ways, had its share of flaws, pointing out instances where teams invited based on DPC points didn’t perform as expected at The International. This was one of the main arguments for the DPC to stay, but Quinn believes both systems just come with imperfections.

“I feel both systems have flaws in terms of the accuracy of the invites,” Quinn said. “For the tier-one pro scene, having no DPC will probably be better. I think most people were sort of sick of the DPC.”

The star mid laner went on to highlight how stale the scene has been since “the best teams in the world are from Europe,” meaning each DPC season was practically a “mini-TI” that turned into a “broken record” with the same teams also competing for the top spots at Majors.

Quinn with a Gaimin Gladiators jersey in his announcement video.
Image via Gaimin Gladiators

Aside from the invitations, Quinn also looks forward to the potential for more diverse and exciting tournaments where teams can choose events based on their readiness, and a mix-and-match of teams will create a more engaging competitive environment. During 2023, Dota 2 fans mostly got to watch GG and Team Liquid go at it in multiple Major finals, and Quinn believes with pro teams skipping events due to burnout or other concerns, other teams could flourish and make up a more interesting Dota 2 ecosystem.

As The International 2023 approaches, the Dota 2 community eagerly awaits the replacement of the TI12 battle pass that could feature a visual novel, new Arcanas, and also what the future holds for the game’s competitive scene heading into the 2024 season.

While no official announcement has been made by Valve or tournament organizers regarding the scene’s future, ESL is already preparing for Dota 2’s next $1 million tournament, which will take place two months after TI12.


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