PSG.LGD with rousing performance vs. Secret, wins series at The International 2019

LGD will enter the main event top of Group A and surging with confidence.

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PSG.LGD put on a clinic in their series against Team Secret in The International 2019 group A leaders showdown, tearing them apart in back-to-back 38 minutes games for a 2-0 sweep. PSG.LGD have firmly stamped their status as a top contender, guaranteeing pole position in Group A.

The two teams’ records were equal heading into the series, sitting pretty at 10-2 in Group A. How the rest of the results unfolded guaranteed that this matchup would determine the winner of the group. The winner will enjoy the advantage of choosing their own opponent as they head into the main event.

Right off the bat, Secret started with two unorthodox picks, putting Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat on support Invoker duties and Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng on Pudge in the mid lane. LGD responded with a flashy Shadow Fiend pick for Lu “Somnus” Yao and Xu “fy” Linsen’s signature Rubick.

Secret’s experiment blew up in their face, as MidOne ended the game with zero kills and 10 deaths. Every LGD player played without fault, punishing Secret’s weak lanes with relentless ganking. Teamfights also fell LGD’s way with Faceless Void and Sand King picks, forcing Secret to call good game.

Game two’s draft was definitely less exotic as Secret quickly realized their mistake, picking up a Kunkka for MidOne. They did first pick support Invoker once again, leaving LGD free to pick Mirana, a hotly contested pick valued for her flexible laning, ganking capacity and high utility.

Secret had a much clearer late game plan in the second game. With Kunkka, Axe and Invoker, their pick-off capabilities were potent, allowing Spectre to farm freely and become a late game beast that will eventually prove impossible for LGD to deal with.

The Chinese juggernauts proved that game plans mean nothing when the execution isn’t up to par. LGD redoubled on their teamfight efforts, with the usually greedy fy rushing Mekansm on Mirana for additional sustain. LGD quickly built up team aura items to take the fight to Secret, never giving the Spectre breathing room. The lanes definitely went better for Secret this time round, but their Ancient fell yet again at 38 minutes.

LGD can toast to their victory and celebrate Somnus’ milestone at the same time. Somnus was simply immaculate today, garnering 47 kills in four games to reach the 1,000 kills milestone along with Evil Geniuses’ Syed Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan.

Somnus’s total kill score now stands at 1,007, and he will be looking to up his body count as LGD strives to better their TI8 result. With how they’ve played against Secret, one of the top teams at the event so far, LGD just might be more than runners-up this year.

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