OG’s ATF could be swapping roles and exploring new options for the 2023 DPC season

This sudden change in roles might indicate a roster swap.

Photo via Valve

OG’s reformed roster only took months to bring the organization to the heights that it has been used to. A strong performance during the regular DPC season was crowned with a Major title, and expectations for OG rose drastically at The International 2022.

Despite tying for seventh place, a notable achievement for a team who’s been together less than a year, there were notable cracks in OG’s overall strategy which may have brought roster changes upon the team ahead of the new season. The team’s offlaner, Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf, was spotted spamming position one heroes in his ranked matches, and the prodigy could be out of OG, according to freelance journalist Kenny Utama.

Max “qojqva” Bröcker realized ATF was playing a Slark in the safe lane while playing a match and his in-game name was also “carry player.” The former pro checked ATF’s match history to find even more carry games with various heroes.

ATF’s mechanically gifted gameplay wasn’t enough to give OG an edge at TI11, as the player’s hero pool was rather limited without the popular zoo heroes like Broodmother and Visage. Teams who continuously picked these heroes versus OG always played with an advantage as ATF’s heroes failed to scale into the late game even after terrific starts to the laning stage.

With the TI11 roster shuffle season kicking off, ATF may have decided to explore his options in a role that he feels more comfortable in. At the time of writing, neither ATF nor OG have made an official announcement regarding any roster moves.