Newbee’s CEO talks about ex-Forward roster acquisition, Chinese roster’s difficulties

The organization fought its battles outside of the Dota 2 map.

Newbee’s CEO CuZn tweeted to clarify about the organization’s past troubles and future aspirations and discussing the handling of both Dota 2 rosters.

Newbee has agreed to sponsor the ex-Forward Gaming roster for the International, and CuZn firmly states that the current contract is only through the event. The North American players will be under the main banner Newbee and not an offshoot club, due to time constraints, being “unable to create new logos, team banners, jerseys and other materials.”

He also noted that the contract is “only through TI9,” but further discussions will be had after the event. CuZn states the organization’s intent to broaden its horizons, aiming to become an international organization. The CEO pointed to organizations like Fnatic as an example—a European organization with a team based in Southeast Asia since 2015.

CuZn also confirmed that the main Chinese roster “will be rebuilt at the end of the season,” meaning that they must be careful while navigating their dual rosters in the future. Considering Valve’s rules on multiple organizations attending TI, Newbee’s top brass might find themselves running afoul of Valve’s regulations on the matter.

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CuZn also talked about the main Chinese roster, citing that rebuilding did not go as well as planned. Other established organizations were looking to the TI7 grand finalists for players, and were offering ridiculous salaries. Addtionally, Newbee “have not received some portions of the payments” from their outgoing player transfers.

CuZn said that “many of the players that we did have the chance to acquire were of similar skill level to our own youth players.” Hence, the decision was made to instead funnel their own youth players into the main roster.

Considering Newbee’s main roster’s lackluster results after their TI7 run, it was clear that rebuilding efforts did not go as planned. Having won only three tournaments since their TI7 bridesmaid berth, question marks remain on the players’ future, especially midlane superstar Song “Sccc” Chun.

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In the end. the main Chinese roster’s fate hangs in the balance, as the efforts undertaken to improve the team have not paid off, leading to the organization missing out on The International for the first time in history until the acquisition of the ex-Forward Gaming roster.

For now, Sccc and his squad will have to watch TI from the sidelines as they await potential changes, while Johan “pieliedie” Åström’s team will fly the Newbee flag at TI9, beginning Aug. 15.