Infamous’ players leave organization a day after reports said they’d stay

Team Anvorgesa might be back.

Photo via Valve

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One of the biggest underdog squads from The International 2019 is looking for a new organization to represent.

Infamous’ Dota 2 roster—Steven “StingeR” Vargas, Hector “K1” Rodriguez, Jean “Chris Luck” Gonzales, Adrian “Wisper” Dobles, and Elvis “Scofield” Peña—is leaving the organization, the team’s former manager announced today. This comes just one day after reports claimed that the players were staying under Infamous’ banner for the upcoming season. 

Despite leaving the organization, the five-man squad will remain together and look for another team to represent in 2020. 

Infamous confirmed the release of its roster on Twitter, but no further details were revealed. The organization thanked the players for helping put South American Dota back on the map. Infamous didn’t say if it plans to build another Dota 2 roster, however.

StingeR and his teammates proved that they could play with the best teams in the world by securing a top-eight finish at TI9. This is the highest placing by a South American squad in TI history. By remaining together, these players should continue to grow as a squad, ensuring that whichever organization picks them up will get a proven contender. 

The players said they want to remain in South America, however. So unless paiN Gaming drops its roster to pick up the former Infamous players, there could be a new organization rising to power in that region. If they remain independent, though, the Cat Burger could be making its return for Team Anvorgesa.