14 November 2017 - 18:29

All standard Dota hero guides have been updated for Patch 7.07—with over 1,200 changes

Hero guide master Torte de Lini has been hard at work bringing everyone up to speed.
Dota 2 Writer
Image via Valve

Two weeks ago, Dota 2's Patch 7.07 landed alongside the Dueling Fates update. The patch itself drastically changed a large number of game mechanics, reworked several heroes, and added five items and two new heroes—all accompanied by a massive changelog on the official website.

This is why well-known community guide writer Michael "Torte de Lini" Cohen took it upon himself to update the standard builds for all 115 heroes in the game. The updates to the guides take 7.07 into account, along with any new talents, items, and changes to hero abilities since 7.06.

Torte de Lini began pushing the changes on Nov. 7, working his way through the entire hero pool over the following days. He finished the gargantuan task yesterday, making exactly 1,232 changes over 70 hours of work. He also made sure to go the extra mile for heroes with multiple viable playstyles and laning options, writing guides for alternative builds wherever they may apply.

This is especially good news for those who want to try out Pangolier and Dark Willow, the two newest heroes to join the fray. In his game-wide update, Torte de Lini included three new guides for them, with Pangolier getting one for offlaners and Dark Willow receiving two for both roaming and playing her as a core.

This also gives experienced players a chance to revisit the standard builds for their favorite heroes, to see how they've shifted since 7.06.

In the tweet announcing the guide updates, Torte de Lini teased full text rewrites to come in the future. This means that apart from the item and skill build orders outlined in the guides, more detailed tips and tricks on how to fully utilize the builds will be added later on.

You can check out the full changelog on Reddit, as posted by Torte de Lini himself.

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