Iceiceice punishes stream sniper in a one-vs-one on his own terms

The king of trolls never left.

Photo via Beyond the Summit

One of the finest trolls in Dota 2 might have executed his best trick yet last night. While playing a one-vs-one against a stream sniper, iceiceice immediately resorted to cheats without hesitation.

The Fnatic offlaner opened the match by giving himself the maximum amount of gold, purchasing a Black King Bar and a Dagon 5. He then proceeded to use his ill-gotten gains to teleport and slaughter his opponent in the enemy’s base.

“First rule of one-vs-one, right? You gotta ask about the rules for one-vs-one,” iceiceice said.

In the next game, no cheats were in place. Iceiceice handily outplayed his opponent in a Lycan matchup, defending his honor as The International 2013 solo tournament champion.

The one-vs-one series was a way to settle a disagreement between the two players, which arose when the pub player, D BEST, started to openly flame his team, including iceiceice’s unorthodox offlane Lifestealer.

Like many other Dota 2 pros, iceiceice has turned to streaming during the COVID-19 pandemic. The 29-year-old continues to generate highlight plays consistently and remains one of the funniest Dota 2 personalities.

The Singaporean star is engaging in an all-hero challenge, going through the entire list specifically in the offlane role, winning one game before going to the next character.

The pro has thus lost a lot of games and MMR in the process by forcing unconventional heroes and item builds to make them work and displaying his unflappable attitude through it all. His worst record thus far has being Tiny, losing 12 games before finally obtaining his first victory.

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In response, the Fnatic offlaner told the pub player to avoid him, which only exacerbated the flaming from D BEST.

Iceiceice eventually pulled the trigger and avoided the player. Dota 2‘s Dota Plus allows subscribers to place others on a list, preventing the subscriber from matching up with avoided players on the same team. As such, iceiceice and D BEST started to find themselves on different teams.

But then, D BEST started to take things too far. The player began to stream snipe iceiceice, even openly streaming the process on his own channel. (Here’s a Streamable mirror in case the clip gets deleted.)

In the end, D BEST got his just desserts, while iceiceice reaffirmed that he’s still a player who’s fully capable of either playing by the rules or openly flouting them.