Here are the WePlay Esports AniMajor DPC 2021 standings

Who will be the last team standing before the credits roll?

Image via WePlay Esports

The second Major of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit is now underway, which means this is the last chance for many teams to lock in a spot at The International 10 without having to go through a regional qualifier. 

Unlike with the ONE Esports Singapore Major, which had two teams withdraw from the event due to COVID-19 concerns, the WePlay Esports AniMajor has a full roster of 18 teams, with only a handful of stand-ins having to be used. 

Prize pool

In total, the Major has a $500,000 prize pool and 2,700 DPC points are up for grabs, with the top team taking home $200,000 and 500 points. 

The DPC points are extremely important for every team competing in the tournament except for Evil Geniuses,, Invictus Gaming, and Team Secret, since all four were qualified for TI10 before the Major began. 

Only the top eight teams will receive any DPC point or prize money, so there is going to be a bloodbath between the teams that need to make it that far to avoid playing in a potential regional qualifier. 


The event will be split into three stages: the Wild Card round, group stage, and playoffs. Starting with the Wild Card stage, which runs June 2 to 3, with two teams out of the initial six moving on to the next round. 

Those two teams will slot into the group stage, where a total of six teams will advance into the playoffs. The two top teams will fill out the upper bracket of the playoffs, while the remaining four will all be placed into the lower bracket. 

The playoffs, which begin on June 9, will be a standard double-elimination bracket. All matches will be a best-of-three, up until the grand finals, which will be a best-of-five.

With all of that in mind, here are the standings for the WePlay AniMajor, split up between each round. 


Final Standings

RankTeamPrizeDPC Points
2Evil Geniuses$100,000450
4Vici Gaming$50,000350
T-5Quincy Crew and Nigma$25,000300
T-7Team Spirit and TNC Predator$12,500200, Alliance, Team Aster, and NoPing e-sportsN/AN/A
13Team LiquidN/AN/A
15Invictus GamingN/AN/A
16Team SecretN/AN/A
18AS Monaco GambitN/AN/A


  • Upper Bracket Round One
    • vs Nigma: Nigma 2-0
    • Alliance vs PSG.LGD: LGD 2-0
    • Team Aster vs T1: T1 2-0
    • Quincy Crew vs NoPing e-sports: QC 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Round One
    • VP vs Vici Gaming: Vici 2-1
    • Alliance vs Team Spirt: Spirit 2-1
    • Aster vs TNC Predator: TNC 2-1
    • NoPing vs Evil Geniuses: EG 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Round Two
    • Vici vs Spirit: Vici 2-0
    • EG vs TNC: EG 2-1
  • Upper Bracket Round Two
    • Nigma vs LGD: LGD 2-1
    • T1 vs QC: T1 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Round Three
    • Nigma vs EG: EG 2-0
    • Vici vs QC: Vici 2-1
  • Upper Bracket FInals
    • LGD vs T1: LGD 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Round Four
    • EG vs Vici: EG 2-1
  • Lower Bracket Finals
    • EG vs T1: EG 2-1
  • LGD vs EG: LGD 3-0

Group Stage

1PSG.LGD4-3-011-3Playoff Upper Bracket
2Nigma4-2-110-4Playoff Upper Bracket
3Vici Gaming2-4-18-6Playoff Lower Bracket
4Evil Geniuses1-5-17-7Playoff Lower Bracket
5TNC Predator2-3-27-7Playoff Lower Bracket
6Team Spirit0-5-25-9Playoff Lower Bracket
7Team Liquid1-3-35-9Eliminated

Wild Card

1Vici Gaming0-3-07-3Group Stage
2Nigma2-2-16-4Group Stage
3Invictus Gaming2-2-16-4Eliminated
5Team Secret0-4-14-6Eliminated
6AS Monaco Gambit0-3-23-7Eliminated