Gorgc dives into the real reason why he left OG

Everybody likes to win.

Screengrab via Gorgc on Twitch

Gorgc and OG are two of the most well-known names in the Dota 2 community. The star streamer and the organization joined forces in January 2020, but their partnership only lasted seven months as the parties decided to terminate their contract.

Though both OG and Gorgc released statements as they parted ways, they didn’t go into the finer details of the situation. But Gorgc recently talked on stream about what exactly went down when he moved on from OG in 2020.

“There was a conflict of interest,” Gorgc said. “OG didn’t want me to watch the tournaments they were the co-owners of.”

Considering Gorgc’s stream was starting to become a second hub to watch tournaments with his chill commentary, there were instances where his stream was getting more views than official tournament broadcasts.

As the COVID-19 pandemic started taking over the world in 2020, LAN events were getting canceled worldwide. This meant a loss of revenue was in the equation for esports organizations as they were going to play in online tournaments for the foreseeable future. Some orgs found a solution by becoming the co-owners of the events they’d compete in, so an event’s success would also increase their overall revenue.

This raised an awkward situation between Gorgc and OG, with both wanting to proceed on their own terms. When that was the case, the two found a solution in separation. 

Around 2020, personalities streaming tournaments was a rare occurrence, but it has become more popular since Gorgc led the way.

After OG and Gorgc parted ways, Gorgc continued to create content in the way he liked, and LAN tournaments were soon back on the table as the pandemic started to dwindle.

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