EternalEnvy is looking for a new team after 4FUN’s early exit at Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness

EE is back on the market.

Photo via DreamHack

North America’s Dota 2 scene has very few constants that fans can rely on, but outside of Evil Geniuses being a good team, Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao bouncing around rosters is probably pretty high up on that list. 

After the disaster that was Cloud9’s attempt to return to Dota back in March, EE spent some time with a few rosters before settling alongside Clinton “Fear” Loomis as a stand-in for the business associates stack. That situation quickly changed, though, as Fear decided to take a break from competing and EE became the leader for the squad. 

EE helped that squad spinoff into Team Zero once Fear left, going on to win Dota Summit 13 Online and ending Quincy Crew’s NA event winning streak. However, after that win the team rebranded again to call themselves 4FUN moving forward. 

The team competed in the qualifiers for Realms Collide: The Burning Darkness, only making it in because catJAMMERS disbanded and EE’s crew were called up to fill in. That led to them being eliminated in seventh place by beastcoast in the playoffs. 

Just a day after being eliminated, EE announced that he was looking for a team to compete with in upcoming events. This, combined with Jingjun “Sneyking” Wu and David “Moo” Hull announcing that they would be competing with Fear and Peter “ppd” Dager on a new stack probably means that the former ba turned 4FUN roster is likely dead. 

Because there is a distinct lack of teams form to compete in NA events during the COVID-19 pandemic, but EE will likely be back with a new stack prior to the start of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit on Jan. 28.