The third Immortal Treasure lootbox for TI8 is out

Time to bust out the wallet one last time.

Image via Valve

After a lengthy wait, the third Immortal Treasure lootbox from the International 8 Battle Pass is finally here.

Immortal Treasure III is available to all Battle Pass owners, with higher-leveled passes receiving additional units every 30 levels. As always, the lootbox contains a handful of Immortal-quality cosmetics for a select number of heroes.

The heroes that have been chosen as recipients of new Immortal swag are Shadow Shaman, Dark Willow, Queen of Pain, Batrider, Zeus, and Naga Siren. Each of their respective cosmetics adds a special effect to one of their abilities, such as in the case of Shadow Shaman and his Censer of Gliss off-hand weapon.

Apart from drastically increasing the size of his regular off-hand weapon, the Censer of Gliss makes his Ether Shock ability shoot out green bolts of lightning as opposed to the normal orange color. In addition, ethereal snakes of the same color appear around the targets that the ability hits. Each other hero included in the lootbox has one of their abilities altered in their own unique way.

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There is, however, one more hero that has been blessed with a new Immortal, albeit at “ultra rare” distribution. The Masque of Awaleb bundle contains not one, but two Immortals for Witch Doctor: a huge mask with purple fluid oozing out of the mouth and a matching mask for the monkey on his back.

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The former changes the visual effect of his Maledict ability, causing the skin of any hero it affects to bubble as if it were poisoned. The latter changes the color and look of Paralyzing Cask, turning it into a mustard yellow projectile resembling the durian fruit. The bundle is easily one of the best-looking ones we’ve seen yet, and is sure to make anyone who manages to pull it from their lootbox very happy.

Since the lootbox dropped last night, the prize pool for TI8 has gone past that of last year, with the current count being just shy of one percent ahead. This bodes well for the community’s hopes of once again breaking the all-time prize pool record, which was set at nearly $25 million last year.