Dota 2’s The International Battle Pass to come “early next week”

It's not a concrete date, but it's something.

Image via Valve

The opportunity for Dota 2 fans to spend their hard-earned savings is approaching. A Valve developer has confirmed that The International Battle Pass is coming “early next week.”

It began when the Dota 2 community started a Battle Pass summoning thread on Reddit where fans reposted the same comment over and over again. It worked, however, since cameron_dev made an appearance to dispel the myths and gave some information about the coveted Battle Pass.

The developer has previously mentioned that while the tenth edition of The International has been delayed, possibly to 2021, the Battle Pass will still last roughly the same amount of time as previous editions, thereby preventing an inflated prize pool.

Cameron_dev has popped up periodically on the Dota 2 subreddit, previously confirming the release date of the Outlanders update.

Most recently, the dev chimed in on the ongoing eight-month season, far exceeding Valve’s promised resets every six months. Cameron explained that the Dota 2 team is still on the fence about whether seasonal resets are “productive” and called for the community to provide feedback.

Of course, Valve hasn’t always been the most capable company at keeping up with its own timelines. It even has an official “Valve Time” page on its developers’ wiki, listing all the occasions that it’s failed to adhere to its own schedule. But there’s no better time to start dreaming of the gorgeous Immortals and new potential game modes that will come soon.