Valve developer confirms Dota 2 Outlanders update planned for Nov. 26

Get hyped for the biggest patch of the year.

dota 2 outlanders update
Screengrab via Valve

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Valve might be busy with its new Half-Life and CS:GO announcements, but it hasn’t forgotten about one of the company’s most popular games. Dota 2‘s promised Outlanders update has been a long time coming, and the developer has finally spoken up about it today.

While there’s still no exact date listed on any of Valve’s official accounts, Valve developer cameron_dev posted in response to the community’s hungry fans and pointed to Nov. 26 as the update’s release.

Valve’s developers have been known for delaying their releases for updates and game based on their satisfaction with the end result or simply because they don’t feel that it’s ready yet. It’s not a concrete announcement, but more of an inside tidbit from somebody in the know.

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Both public matchmaking and the professional scene has suffered from the long 7.22 patch. The patch will hit six months of age before it ticks up again, one of the longest patches in Dota 2 history. While there’s been some innovation thanks to the frequent, smaller letter updates, fans have bemoaned the state of the game and the historically low player count.

The Outlanders update will do much to shake up the stale metagame, and introduce two new heroes to the Dota 2 roster, Snapfire and Void Spirit.