Date set for court hearing in Valve and GESC lawsuit

Valve has the upper hand in the ongoing lawsuit.

Screengrab via GESC

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The civil court examination between Valve Corporation and tournament organizer Global Electronic Sports Company Ltd. will take place on Feb. 12 in the High Court of the Republic of Singapore, according to the latest docket entries. 

The hearing will decide what assets GESC owns and has readily available to pay to satisfy its debt. 

Valve prevailed in its lawsuit against GESC, filed on April 8. The court decided that GESC had to undergo an examination of the judgment debtor, which is set to take place tomorrow. This means that GESC could pay an undisclosed debt owed to Valve, which is the judgment creditor in this case. GESC will provide supporting documentation and complete a questionnaire regarding assets.

Upon completion, Valve could decide whether it’s satisfied with the answers and documentation provided. If Valve is satisfied, GESC will likely have to pay off its debts from the defined assets. If Valve isn’t satisfied, GESC will have to declare the supporting documentation under oath and pay off its debt owed once completed. If GESC doesn’t attend this hearing, the representatives face further legal action, including incarceration. 

These hearings are typically used to put pressure on companies to pay debts. Although the determined debt isn’t clear, GESC owes $750,000 in prizes and wages from two Dota 2 Minor events, GESC Indonesia and Thailand, which took place in March and May 2018, according to an open letter collected by agencies, teams, players, and talent who attended the events. 

Dot Esports has requested a comment from Valve and GESC.