Beyond the Summit suspends North American Dota 2 team from The Summit 13 following “derogatory message”

Plasma1337x is taking a lot of heat.

Image via Beyond the Summit

North American organization Plasma1337x has been handed a default loss vs. beastcoast today after the organization’s manager posted a “derogatory message” disparaging beastcoast’s South American Dota 2 players.

Beyond the Summit, the organizer of The Summit 13, wrote that it considered “the conduct [of Plasma1337x] harmful to both our event and the Dota community.”

Dota is a global game full of players from diverse backgrounds,” BTS said. “We do not tolerate such conduct, especially in direct relation to our tournaments.”

North America-based beastcoast elected to pick up the ex-Infamous roster last October that achieved a top-eight placing at The International 2019, impressing talents and garnering new fans with their aggressive and fast-paced play.

Plasma1337x’s manager directed his outrage in a 90-second rant toward beastcoast’s players. He bemoaned South American players’ lowered expectations and reported pay, implying that the situation was somehow ruining the competitiveness of the Americas region.

Plasma1337x’s various social media channels and posts have since been deleted. A mirror of the offending video posted by the organization can be found here.

Michelle “Moxxi” Song, a caster notable for her coverage of the South American scene, responded to Plasma1337x’s initial post.

“I appreciate that at the heart of this, you want to improve the scene but calling it ‘cheap SA labor’ is degrading and honestly evokes racist images,” Moxxi said. “We need more orgs to take a chance on South American teams and beastcoast is one of the few North American orgs to take that leap of faith and pay fairly.”

Plasma1337x’s manager continued to double down on his stance, labeling the situation as outsourcing and “cheap labor.”

Screengrab via Twitter

Guashineen, beastcoast’s team manager, responded to Plasma1337x’s claims, calling him “insane.” She outlined the numerous leaps to conclusions he made, such as assuming that proper negotiations and pay packages weren’t laid out beforehand by beastcoast.

“You talk as if many SA teams are being picked up by NA orgs (not the case),” Guashineen said. “And of course, you blame this as the reason why no NA teams get orgs.”

Following the fiasco, Plasma1337x’s roster has opted to leave the organization. Lukiluki, speaking for his teammates, apologized for the comments made by their sponsor and said the players will “no longer have any affiliation to the org” and will henceforth play under a new name, No Pangolier.