Auto Chess is going mobile, removing Dota 2 themes, and getting a competitive league

6 million players and working with Valve isn't enough for Drodo Studio.

Image via Dragonest

Just days after passing the 6 million player mark on PC, Drodo Studio announced it will be bringing its hit Dota 2 mod Auto Chess to mobile devices.

Though the game is most well-known as being a Dota 2 mod, the mobile version will be removing any reference to the PC version and will have completely original assets, effectively replacing the Dota ones.

Drodo is partnering with Chinese developer Dragonest, who is best known for publishing Cytus—a popular rhythm game in 2012. Auto Chess mobile is up for reservation on both iOS and Android through Dragonest by creating an account.

The mobile version of the popular mod will have all traces of Dota 2 removed, but will give players the ability to link their game to their Steam account. Players who link accounts will earn rewards such as candy—the in-game currency for Auto Chess.

But even after removing those assets, the game will jump right into a competitive scene thanks to a league organized by ImbaTV. The prize pool for the league was announced at $1,500,000, but no further details are available at the moment.

Dragonest’s launch page for the game has goals that will continue to increase as more players pre-register for the game. It also appears that this development will not affect the working relationship between Drodo and Valve, though it is unclear if Valve will do anything beyond providing the studio with extra support.

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