ArtStyle joins Na’Vi as Dota 2 coach

Your ex can become your next.

Image via Na'Vi

Despite having a decent season in the spring, Na’Vi’s Dota 2 team had a disappointing performance in The International 10 qualifiers. Shortly after the qualifiers, the team elected to hit the restart button and start the rebuild process.

Following the departure of RAMZES666, RodjER, and Mag, Na’Vi bolstered its ranks with GeneRaL, ALOHADANCE, and Solo. And today, Na’Vi announced the return of legendary member ArtStyle as the team’s coach alongside a new manager, Lk-.

This won’t be ArtStyle’s first rodeo with Na’Vi since he spent most of his professional career on the team. ArtStyle was with Na’Vi during its run at the first International and returned for more in 2015 when the squad was once again going through a rebuilding process. ArtStyle retired in 2016 and started his coaching career that same year. His résumé is nothing short of impressive since he was the coach of Virtus Pro during its prime.

Both Solo and ArtStyle are two of the most experienced members of the CIS Dota 2 community, so bringing them together on the same roster seems like it could be a recipe for success. Na’Vi rosters have usually looked impressive on paper, however, and the teams just couldn’t always find that chemistry that’d let them prevail in their region.

Considering Na’Vi didn’t qualify for The International 10, the team will have quite a bit of time to prepare for the majors that will take place after the biggest tournament of the year. Fans will be able to learn more about the squad in upcoming interviews that will go live on Na’Vi’s YouTube channel.