All the Easter eggs hidden in the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood trailer

"You came too close to the secrets."

Image via Valve

When the news of a Dota 2 anime broke in February, most fans were rightfully shocked since the closest they’ve been to a Dota 2-themed anime was probably Source Filmmaker (SFM) shorts.

The show follows Davion, a Dragon Knight, and Mirana, Priestess of the Moon, as they find themselves in events they couldn’t even imagine. Considering the story takes place in the Dota universe, there were already other familiar faces shown in the trailer.

Invoker and Luna were highlighted multiple times while Terrorblade made his debut in a recent clip. Though it isn’t clear which path the show will take in terms of lore, there were other mentions in the trailers that went unnoticed.

This is going to be the first time Dota’s lore will debut in any form of digital media. Though there have been content creators who’ve put together all the pieces to tell Dota’s story, watching the events actually unfold will be another experience. The initial trailers showcased where the show would pick things up in terms of lore, but there were also a handful Easter eggs scattered around where it can go as we dive deep into the season.

Here are all the Easter eggs we could find in the DOTA: Dragon’s Blood trailer.

Two moons in the sky

Screengrab via Netflix

In various parts of the trailer, whenever the sky was shown, there were two moons. One of them was shining bright, while the other one was shattered into pieces.

The shattered moon is likely the Mad Moon, the practical prison of Radiant Ore and Direstone. These two opposite forces were finally able to destroy their prison through imperfections and constant battle between their cosmical entities. It may sound like a finer detail at first, but the Mad Moon’s destruction basically kicks off the Defense of the Ancients (Dota).

If both Radiant Ore and Direstone are in the same realm that Dragon’s Blood’s events will take place, it may mean that the two forces might have already started recruiting heroes to fight for them.

There were mentions of an unknown army growing by the day in the trailer, meaning more significant threats can be on the horizon for our protagonists. While the primary threat can easily be the Dota, there’s also an entity who created the Mad Moon and was more potent than the ancients before losing his powers, Arc Warden.

According to Dota’s lore, Arc Warden existed even before everything came to be in the universe. His presence was considered to be infinite, until the universe came to be. As the universe expanded, Arc Warden’s mind was fragmented into two pieces, Radiant and Dire. Not happy with his new company, Arc Warden used the last of its remaining powers to imprison Radiant and Dire into the Mad Moon, which eventually shattered as the two fragments of his mind were too powerful to stay captured.

There are multiple Dragon Knights

Screengrab via Netflix

Davion’s voice lines in Dota 2 indicated that he was “the” Dragon Knight, suggesting he was the only Dragon Knight. While there were mentions of other Dragon Knights, especially after Dota Underlords’ release, it isn’t clear how he ended up being the last Dragon Knight standing.

The trailer showcased other Dragon Knights, highlighting Davion’s master, Kaden. It looks like fans can finally find the answer to how Davion became the last remaining Dragon Knight in existence. With other Easter eggs hinting there may be bigger threats on the horizon, a quick and strong character development may be in the books for Davion.

The stolen lotus flowers

Screengrab via Netflix

Mirana talks about lotus flowers being stolen in the trailer. Selemene’s lotus flowers were shown briefly. There weren’t any hints on who could be the thief, but there are a couple heroes who can be suspected of such an act.

Riki and Bounty Hunter are the first two heroes that come to mind when it comes to stealing, but considering these lotuses were scattered around a temple, Templar Assassin could be behind this as well. The color purple is also heavily associated with Templar Assassin in Dota 2. The lotus plotline looks like it’s going to be one of the major events of the first season.

Terrorblade’s side

Screengrab via Netflix

Terrorblade is one of the more mysterious characters in Dota 2. A demon without clear motives sounds scary, especially when he’s twisted enough to master his own reflected worst self. According to lore, Terrorblade escapes from the demon prison to inflict terror upon all creation.

The reveal video makes it look like he’s inches away from breaking free, and it ends with a shattering effect. Terrorblade appears in his in-game form at the end, a nice touch for fans of the game.

It’s hard to tell what his motives could be, however. There’s a Terrorblade voice line in Dota 2 that reads, “I’m always glad to have a dragon by my side.” Considering there are many light-hearted voice lines in the game, this may mean nothing, but it can also associate Terrorblade with Dragon Knight.

Selemene’s future

Screengrab via Netflix

Selemene appears multiple times in the trailer, and the two heroes that worship her are already in the series, Luna and Mirana. Selemene isn’t the only god-like being in Dota 2, though. There’s also Mars, the God of War, who sees Selemene as a rival.

While Mars wasn’t featured in any of the trailers, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see him popping up from somewhere. His hatred for Selemene and her followers needs no explanation as he bashes them in a couple of voice lines.

  • Mars to Luna after killing her: “Your mistress is next.”
  • Mars to Luna after killing her: “There’s no pleasure in the killing of sheep.”
  • Mars to Mirana after killing her: “You chose the wrong god, princess.”

Davion isn’t a Dragon Knight, yet

Screengrab via Netflix

Throughout the trailer, fans could catch a glimpse of a dragon. Though there are many dragons in the Dota universe, the one shown in the trailer is possibly one of the most important ones. Slyrak is the dragon that gave Davion his powers, and there’s a special bond between them. Tony Todd, Dragon Knight’s voice actor in Dota 2, will also be in the show, which suggests the dragon we’ve been seeing could indeed be Slyrak.

Based on the show’s name and all the hints from the trailers, DOTA: Dragon’s Blood might kick off with Davion’s journey of obtaining his powers. With other Easter eggs hinting at other brewing threats on the lore, Davion’s agenda may get quite busy in the near future.