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Legion Commander and Kunkka with their Innate ability icons in Dota 2.
Image via Valve

All Dota 2 Innate ability passives

We're League of Legends now.

Dota 2‘s complexity seemingly knows no bounds, with Valve constantly reshaping the definition of a MOBA through the game’s features. From a day-night cycle to Runes, Watchers, Lotus Pools, and more, there’s rarely a time when Dota 2 players aren’t learning.

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Veteran or newbie, it’s time to crack out the textbook as we delve into yet another added mechanic of the game we all love—Innate abilities. Here’s everything we know about Innate abilities and a list of each hero’s Innate in Dota 2.

What are Innate abilities in Dota 2?

Phoenix's Innate ability in Dota 2.
Each hero has its own unique Innate ability. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Innate abilities in Dota 2 were introduced in gameplay patch 7.36 and are abilities that are locked and present on a hero for the entire game, from first spawn to the destruction of a fountain. Each hero has a unique Innate ability; some are familiar to Dota players of old, some are converted passives we all know and love, while others are entirely new.

Some Innates can be activated to grant a significant boost to their effects, while others can be leveled up like regular abilities, with each level providing a bigger bonus. Some are existing passives that apply while the hero is alive, some apply while the hero is dead, and others change the game entirely—like Dawnbreaker’s Innate, which grants map-wide visibility for a short moment whenever the sun rises.

The tooltip for each Innate ability can be found on the icon between the Talent tree and the hero’s main abilities.

All Innate ability passives in Dota 2

Below is a list of every Innate ability in Dota 2, ordered alphabetically by hero.

HeroInnate Passive
AbaddonFont of Avernus
10 percent faster respawn time.
AlchemistGreevil’s Greed
Alchemist receives a buff after killing an enemy unit, granting him bonus gold that can stack.
Ancient ApparitionDeath Rime
Abilities now apply Frost stacks that deal 10 damage per second and 1.5 percent movement slow for each stack on a target.
Anti-MageMana Break
Anti-Mage’s attacks drain the enemy of mana, dealing bonus damage until they run out of mana.
Arc WardenRunic Infusion
After activating any Rune, gain the Regeneration Rune buff for four seconds. Duration is reduced by 34 percent for activating Bounty or Water Runes.
AxeCoat of Blood
Gains one permanent armor after killing an enemy hero. Kills with Culling Blade give double the amount.
BaneIchor of Nyctasha
All attribute gains are evenly distributed across all three attributes (Strength, Agility, Intelligence).
BatriderSmoldering Resin
Attacks apply a debuff that deals 15 percent of the attack damage every second for two seconds. Damage over time pierces block.
BeastmasterInner Beast
Gain 5/10/25/40/55 attack speed. Affects Beastmaster and any units he controls.
Restores 25 health plus one percent of the unit’s max health per Bloodseeker’s level whenever Bloodseeker kills a unit. Restores half the value for denies or if an ally kills an enemy hero within 300 range. Can be amplified by Lifesteal Amplification.
Bounty HunterBig Game Hunter
Bounty Hunter gains 10 percent bonus gold when getting a kill or assist on an enemy with a kill streak.
BrewmasterDrunker Brawler
Switch between four elemental passives:
– Earth Brawler grants magic resistance and armor
– Storm Brawler grants evasion and movement speed
– Fire Brawler grants crit multiplier and attack speed
– Void Brawler grants status resistance and slow
Gain bonus damage and movement speed after using an ability.
BroodmotherSpider’s Milk
Broodmother and her spiders gain a health regeneration burst after a unit is killed. Can be amplified by Lifesteal Amplification.
Centaur WarrunnerRawhide
Gains 40 max health every two minutes.
Chaos KnightReins of Chaos
50 percent chance an addition illusion is spawned whenever Chaos Knight creates an illusion.
ChenSummon Convert
Summon a jungle creep to fight beside you, gaining bonuses from Holy Persuasion. The creep is determined by Chen’s chosen Hero Facet.
ClinkzBone and Arrow
Summons immobile skeleton archers after using abilities or dying.
ClockwerkArmor Power
Outgoing damaged increased by 0.3 percent per point of armor.
Crystal MaidenBlueheart Floe
Has 50 percent Mana Regen Amplification.
Dark SeerMental Fortitude
Gains Intelligence to match his Strength or Agility. His Intelligence cannot be lower than either other stat.
Dark WillowPixie Dust
Gains 100 percent health and mana regen when an ability makes her untargetable or hidden.
DawnbreakerBreak of Dawn
Reveals the entire map to her allies over four seconds whenever the sun rises. Fog of War returns a second later.
Nearby allies’ armor is increased and enemies’ armor decreased whenever Dazzle uses an ability.
Death ProphetWitchcraft
Gains 0.5 percent bonus movement speed and cooldown reduction per level.
DisruptorElectromagnetic Repulsion
Pushes away nearby units whenever Disruptor takes more than 250 damage.
DoomLvl ? Pain
Deals 10 percent bonus attack damage to enemies whose level is lower than his.
Dragon KnightDragon Blood
Provides bonus health regen and armor, increasing per hero level. These values are amplified while in Dragon Form.
Drow RangerPrecision Aura
Grants bonus Agility to Drow and nearby allies in 1,200 range. Increases per Drow Ranger level; bonuses are doubled for Drow herself.
Earth SpiritStone Remnant
Summons a Stone Remnant that interacts with Earth Spirit’s other abilities.
Deals damage and stuns nearby enemies whenever Earthshaker uses an ability.
Elder TitanAstral Spirit
Summons an Astral Spirit that can use Echo Stomp and grants Elder Titan a damage, speed, and armor bonus per enemy the Spirit touches.
Ember SpiritFlame Guard
Creates a fiery barrier that passively deals damage in an AoE around Ember Spirit. Can be activated to increase the guard’s radius and damage for a short while.
EnchantressForest Freebie
Enchantress receives a bonus Neutral Item token from Neutral jungle creeps.
EnigmaGravity Well
Allies near Enigma receive a damage reduction bonus that scales based on distance to the hero.
Faceless VoidDistortion Field
Enemy attack projectiles are slowed when flying near to Faceless Void.
GrimstrokeInk Trail
Enemy heroes affected by Grimstroke abilities leave a trail of ink behind that grants vision.
GyrocopterChop Shop
Can disassemble most items at all times, and can sell recipes for a full cost.
HoodwinkMistwoods Wayfarer
Passive chance to redirect attacks into a tree nearby, destroying it.
HuskarBlood Magic
Huskar no longer has mana. Mana cost of items and abilities converted into health cost, considered as magical damage and can be reduced with magic resistance.
Gains bonus experience when denying a lane creep.
IoSight Seer
Io’s team captures Watchers one second faster. All Watchers under Io’s team’s control gain bonus vision range.
JakiroDouble Trouble
Attacks launch two projectiles at a target with a small interval, each dealing half damage.
10 percent bonus damage to targets facing him. Damage bonus is always applied during Omnislash.
Keeper of the LightMana Magnifier
Allies near Keeper of the Light gain 15 percent more max mana.
A short cooldown cleave that deals bonus damage to units at range.
Legion CommanderMoment of Courage
When attacked, Legion Commander has a chance to immediately counterattack with bonus lifesteal.
Leshrac’s ability AoE increases by 0.5 units per Intelligence point.
LichDeath Charge
Lich’s Mana regen is set to zero. Gains a portion of max mana whenever a unit nearby dies, including allies, creeps, and enemy heroes. If the target is a hero, a bonus burst of mana is granted to Lich.
Passive lifesteal and damage boost.
LinaFiery Soul
Gains bonus attack and movement speed after using an ability.
LionTo Hell and Back
Gains 20 percent debuff duration and 20 percent spell amplification for 90 seconds after respawning.
Lone DruidSummon Spirit Bear
Summons a Spirit Bear to assist in battle. The bear can use items and interacts with Lone Druid’s other abilities.
LunaSelemene’s Favor
20 percent bonus cast range at night.
LycanApex Predator
Lycan deals two percent bonus damage to neutral creeps per hero level.
MagnusSolid Core
Magnus suffers 50 percent less forced movement from enemy abilities or items.
MarciSpecial Delivery
Permanently increases the level of all allied couriers by three and hero attacks to kill couriers by one. Marci’s team begins with flying couriers.
Mars and allies gain a bonus to health regen when outnumbered by the enemy in the same area. Each enemy hero provides 25 percent bonus health regen.
MedusaMana Shield
Medusa has a permanent shield that absorbs damage from mana first before health.
MeepoSticky Fingers
Meepo receives an additional choice when activating Neutral Item tokens
MiranaSelemene’s Faithful
Healing Lotuses are 20 percent for effective for Mirana and her allies.
Monkey KingMischief
Turns Monkey King into a nearby object or tree, dodging incoming projectiles.
Morphling receives 50 percent of attribute gain bonuses every half level instead of full bonuses at level up. Increases all attributes bonus gained for skill points in the Talent Tree.
Muerta can attack Ethereal units and she can attack while Ethereal. When attacking Ethereal units, her damage is converted to magic damage and can be amplified.
Naga SirenEelskin
Bonus six percent evasion for each Naga Siren copy within 900 units.
Nature’s ProphetSpirit of the Forest
Gains bonus base damage for each nearby tree. Nature’s Call Treants provide a bonus.
Killing a unit grants Necrophos a health and mana regen boost for a short duration. Hero kills provide six stacks of the buff.
Night StalkerHeart of Darkness
Gains bonus movement speed, attack speed, damage, and flying movement while at night.
Nyx AssassinNyxth Sense
Nyx Assassin can sense invisible heroes in a short radius.
Ogre MagiDumb Luck
Ogre Magi’s max Intelligence is zero. Ogre Magi gains mana and mana regeneration based on the hero’s Strength.
OmniknightDegen Aura
Slows enemy units that are nearby to Omniknight.
Oracle will predict and announce to allies where the next Power Rune will spawn (top or bottom).
Outworld DestroyerOminous Discernment
Gains two extra mana per point of Intelligence.
PangolierFortune Favors the Bold
Enemy units attacking Pangolier have a reduced chance to proc random on-attack effects.
Phantom AssassinImmaterial
Phantom Assassin begins the gazme with 15 percent evasion, increased by 1.5 percent per level.
Phantom LancerPhantom Rush
Gains a speed boost and Agility bonus when rushing to an enemy unit. This bonus is applied for all copies of Phantom Lancer.
PhoenixBlinding Sun
Debuffs from Phoenix’s abilities apply a stackable miss chance debuff per second for five seconds.
Primal BeastColossal
Primal Beast deals 40 percent bonus damage to buildings.
Puck restores max health and mana every time it disjoints an attack projectile. Disjointing spell projectiles restore three times the amount.
PudgeFlesh Heap
Pudge gains Strength points any time he kills an enemy hero or an enemy hero dies within a short radius.
PugnaOblivion Savant
Pugna can use spells while channeling, excluding those that require channeling.
Queen of PainBondage
Queen of Pain returns 10 percent of spell damage she receives to enemies.
RazorUnstable Current
Razor gains bonus movement speed and a passive zap to nearby enemies. Movement speed is increased per hero level.
Riki deals bonus damage to enemies facing away from him based on his Agility.
RubickMight and Magus
Spell Amplification increases Rubick’s base attack damage by 100 percent of its value and magic resistance by 50 percent of its value.
Sand KingCaustic Finale
Sand King’s abilities and attacks apply a debuff to units. If an enemy dies while under the effect of the debuff, they explode dealing damage.
Shadow DemonMenace
Attacks apply a stacking debuff that amplifies damage taken by the target for eight seconds, refreshed each time the target receives an attack.
Shadow FiendNecromastery
On unit or hero kill, Shadow Fiend receives a Soul, granting him bonus attack damage. Shadow Fiend can hold up to 20 Souls (25 with Aghanim’s Scepter).
Shadow ShamanFowl Play
Whenever Shadow Shaman takes lethal damage, he survives as a one HP chicken with a boost to movement speed. After three seconds, if he survives, he returns.
SilencerBrain Drain
Silencer permanently steals Intelligence from nearby heroes that die.
Skywrath MageRuin and Restoration
Passively provides 50 percent spell lifesteal to Skywrath Mage.
SlardarSeaborn Sentinel
Slardar gains bonus movement speed, health regen, attack damage, and armor while in a puddle or river.
While invisible to the enemy team, Slark gains a massive bonus to movement speed and health regen.
Snapfire’s attacks deal 25 percent bonus damage but have a 25 percent chance of “glancing” at the target, dealing half the damage.
SniperKeen Scope
Increases Sniper’s attack range significantly.
Spectre and her illusions gain phased movement (can move through other units).
Spirit BreakerHerd Mentality
Provides a buff to Spirit Breaker’s teammate with the least experience points that increases experience gained by 50 percent until they catch up to the next hero.
Storm SpiritGalvanized
Storm Spirit gains a charge of mana regen each time he kills an enemy hero or whenever an enemy hero dies nearby. Gains five charges when levelling up Ball Lightning. Loses three charges when he dies. Each charge also grants 0.1 mana regen permanently.
Sven’s attacks deal bonus damage to stunned enemies.
TechiesMinefield Sign
Plants a sign that makes all mines nearby invulnerable for a minute.
Templar AssassinPsi Blades
Attacks spill past the first target to hit enemies in a cone directly behind, dealing bonus damage. Increased levels of Psi Blades grant Templar Assasin an attack range buff.
TerrorbladeDark Unity
Illusions near Terrorblade receive a damage bonus, while illusions outside Terrorblade’s range receive a damage penalty.
Removes negative status effects if Tidehunter takes more than 500 damage from player-controlled sources. Damage counter resets after seven seconds.
TimbersawExposure Therapy
Timbersaw restores mana each time he destroys a tree.
Tinker gains one percent item cooldown reduction per four Intelligence, up to 60 percent.
TinyCraggy Exterior
Enemies attacking Tiny receive a damage debuff per attack.
Treant ProtectorNature’s Guise
Treant Protector receives Treewalking (can walk through trees as if they weren’t there) if he doesn’t take damage for three seconds.
Troll WarlordBerserker’s Rage
Troll Warlord can switch between ranged and melee attacks, receiving bonuses depending on choice. Whilein melee form, Troll’s attacks can ensnare targets.
TuskBitter Chill
Passively slows enemy units’ attack speed nearby.
UnderlordAtrophy Aura
Nearby enemy units deal less damage. If a unit dies near Underlord, Underlord receives a damage boost.
UndyingCeaseless Dirge
On death, Undying automatically respawns in the fountain. This effect begins the game on cooldown (eight minutes).
Ursa gains 1.5 percent of his health as damage.
Vengeful SpiritRetribution
Vengeful Spirit curses the enemy hero that kills her. Vengeful Spirit deals 10 percent more damage to cursed heroes until they die.
VenomancerPoison Sting
Attacks, abilities, and damage deal from Plague Wards leave a damage-over-time poison effect, slowing enemies.
ViperCorrosive Skin
Enemy units that deal damage to Viper receive a debuff that slows attack speed and deals damage over time. Viper passively gains bonus magic resistance.
VisageGravekeeper’s Cloak
Visage receives a layered damage barrier, providing damage reduction per layer but shedding a layer after each stack of damage.
Void SpiritIntrinsic Edge
Void Spirit gains 33 percent more secondary bonuses from primary attributes:
– Strength: Health regen.
– Agility: Attack speed.
– Intelligence: Magic resistance.
WeaverGeminate Attack
Weaver fires off a second attack when attacking (on a short cooldown) that deals bonus damage.
WindrangerEasy Breezy
Windranger’s movement speed cannot be lower than 240 at any time, regardless of negative effects.
Winter WyvernEldwurm Scholar
When an ally picks up a Wisdom Rune, the three heroes that normally wouldn’t benefit receive 20 percent of the experience instead.
Witch DoctorGris-Gris
Witch Doctor begins the game with Gris-Gris, a neutral item. When the owner dies, 100 percent of the gold lost from death is added to the item cost, which also passively increases by one gold every three seconds. Gris-Gris can be consumed permanently to remove the item and refund the gold to Witch Doctor.
Wraith KingVampiric Spirit
Passively provides lifesteal. On death, Wraith King transforms into an untargetable wraith with free pathing and increased attack and movement speed.
ZeusStatic Field
Zeus shocks any enemies he attacks or is hit by his abilities, dealing damage equal to four percent of their current health.

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