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When is Diablo 4 season 4’s release date?

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With Diablo 4‘s ongoing season, Season of the Construct, inching toward its finishing line, players are eagerly anticipating the game’s fourth season and all the promised new content with it. Here’s when Diablo 4’s season four is slated for release.

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When does Diablo 4 season four release?

Malphas boss from Diablo 4 season three, Season of the Construct
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Diablo 4 season four is currently scheduled for release on May 14, 2024. Blizzard Entertainment confirmed season four’s release date in the March edition of its Campfire Chat series, alongside announcing that season three will be extended to May 14.

Season four was initially slated for release on April 16, but Blizzard delayed it for a crucial developmental reason. As revealed by Diablo community lead Adam Fletcher in the latest Campfire Chat, the Public Test Realm (PTR) for season four won’t be releasing until April 2 and the team wanted to absorb the feedback from it before launching the new season. With the PTR ending on April 9, May seemed to be the best time to release season four.

Well, good things are worth waiting for and Diablo 4’s season four is definitely going to be one of the game’s biggest updates yet. From faster XP gains and leveling up, to huge itemization changes and new endgame dungeons, players have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season. In fact, Blizzard’s dedication to fixing Diablo 4’s highly reported gaps has left the community smitten already.

We definitely want season four to be as perfect as possible, and Blizzard’s focus on community feedback instead of hurrying the launch helps with that. Until then, Season of the Construct should keep you entertained.

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