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How to get Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron in Diablo 4 season 4

These are The Pit materials you need to dominate the Masterworking system in Diablo 4 season four.

Diablo 4 season four is introducing the new Masterwork system as a way to further upgrade your gear’s affixes and give you a massive stats boost. Thanks to The Pit and its materials—Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron—several new builds will now become stronger.

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How to farm Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron in Diablo 4 (Masterworking materials)

You can farm Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathrion by defeating bosses in The Pit of Artificers within the time limit. The Pit is the new endgame activity in Diablo 4 season four, which is essentially a new type of dungeon. The rarer the material you want to farm, the higher tier of The Pit you’ll have to clear. Here’s which tiers of The Pit drop each of them:

Masterworking materialDrops in tiers
Obducite0 to 29
Ingolith30 to 59

You can also exchange high-rarity Masterworking materials for several units of a lower rarity at the Alchemist. For example, if you have Neathiron you won’t use, you can trade them for a bunch of Ingoliths instead, but doing the opposite and trading Ingoliths for Neathiron is impossible.

To enter The Pit, you must complete a tier 46 Nightmare dungeon, then collect Runeshards by doing endgame activities like Helltides and other dungeons to activate the Obelisk in Cerrigar. Doing so will take you to The Pit, where you have a limited time to slay all the enemies in the dungeon and fight a boss at the end. If you kill the boss before the timer runs out, you’ll get one type of Masterworking material. Defeating the boss also increases the tier of The Pit you can challenge.

What are Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron in Diablo 4 season four?

portal in the pit in diablo 4 season 4
Head into The Pit. Image via Blizzard

Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathrion are upgrade materials used to improve gear affixes in the new Masterworking system introduced in Diablo 4 season four. Each material is used in a different tier of upgrades, and the higher the Masterworking level, the rarer the material you’ll need to use, which also makes them harder to obtain. These items are also known as Masterworking materials or Pit materials, with The Pit being the only place you can obtain them. Their rarities and the Masterworking levels they can be used in are:

Masterworking materialUsed in Masterworking upgradesItem rarity
Obducite+1 to +4Magic
Ingolith+5 to +8Rare
Neathiron+9 to +12Legendary

How to use Masterworking materials in Diablo 4 season four

Once you have started farming Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathrion, you can use them in the Masterworking tab of the Blacksmith on items that have been fully tempered. Fully tempered means they have maxed out the number of affixes that could be added to them via Tempering, which is also a new system in Diablo 4 season four.

When you spend Masterworking materials in the process, all affixes in your gear will be upgraded by five percent per upgrade, except at upgrades to +4, +8, and +12, where one random affix will be upgraded by 25 percent. You can reroll the upgraded affix by spending the materials again.

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