Why is chat not working in Destiny 2? Chat shut off explained

"Silence is virtue."

Image via Bungie

The chat function has been a core part of the Destiny 2 experience throughout its existence. Players that have recently logged into the game may have noticed the feature missing, however, making them wonder whether there’s something wrong with their account or the game.

The chat is currently not working due to a game-breaking exploit. To ensure a smooth gameplay experience for all the Destiny 2 players, Bungie disabled the feature on July 30.

Why was the chat disabled in Destiny 2?

Toward the later stages of July, an exploit that allowed players to crash others’ games through the chat system appeared in Destiny 2. The number of players who used the exploit grew by the day and Bungie finally decided to disable the chat feature in Destiny 2 until it could roll out a fix.

Players will need to resort to alternative communication methods until the in-game chat returns to Destiny 2. You may want to hop into community Discord servers during this time to find party members so you can clear the latest content in sync with your squad mates.

If the chat bug returns to the game at any point in the future, players can try disabling whispers, temporarily leaving their clan, and closing the fireteams. Taking these precautions will allow players to reduce the number of ways they can receive a message from a player who’s trying to exploit the chat bug.

Bungie is likely to announce the chat’s return through its social media channels when they finally roll out the fix.