Who won the Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple raid World First race?

Green flag.

Image via Bungie

The race to become the world’s first Destiny 2 fireteam to finish the Vow of the Disciple raid kicked off at 2pm CT on March 5. The teams had 24 hours to compete on an even playing field, ensuring that the group with the best overall skill and communication will be the first to claim victory.

During this time period, players competed in contest mode, which put them at a capped Power level of 1530—20 points below the recommended level of 1550. This made the challenging series of encounters even more daunting, but the reward of finishing first more satisfying.

Here’s how the brave fireteams did

Who won the Destiny 2 Vow of the Disciple raid World First race?

  • 7:14pm CT: Saltagreppo and the Elysium clan, World First winners of the Vault of Glass, are now World First winners for the Vow of the Disciple raid!
  • 6:44pm CT: Bungie agrees to extend Contest mode by an additional 24 hours amidst ongoing raid connection issues.
  • 6:35pm CT: The Redeem clan, after numerous drops to start the raid, has reached the final boss phase.
  • 5:35pm CT: ExBlack_, Twicemas, Datto, Slayerage, and Saltagreppo‘s teams are all currently fighting the final boss: Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness. ExBlack’s team reached the final boss fight first.
  • 2:55pm CT: Slayerage, Epicdan22, Datto, and Ninjy‘s teams are currently fighting the Caretaker.
  • 2:33pm CT: ExBlack_ and the Ascend clan defeats the Caretaker boss in the third encounter.
  • 2pm CT: “Several” teams have competed the first and second encounter, according to Broman and reck.

Soon after the raid launched, players attempting to compete ran into a myriad of different connection issues, with a variety of error codes appearing including ANTEATER, GUITAR, and BAT. One of the most prestigious Destiny 2 raid clans in Redeem, dropped five times in the first hours according to them and Forbes journalist Paul Tassi.

The Bungie Help Twitter account is still “currently investigating” the issues.

Viewers could watch the ‘Raid Day Tailgate’ hosted by content creators ProfessorBroman and reck1568, on Broman’s Twitch channel. Thousands of teams are estimated to be competing, with Broman and reck switching between various streams they’re allowed to share to check on progress.

More Contest Mode details

Artifact power is enabled, but players are still capped at 1530. Some pieces of weapons and armor have been disabled.

Disabled weapons

  • IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.2 Legendary SMG 
  • Imperial Needle Legendary Bow 
  • Grand Overture Exotic Machine Gun 
  • Wardcliff Coil Exotic Rocket Launcher 

Disabled armor and mods:

  • Wormgod Caress Titan Exotic Gauntlets 
  • Peregrine Greaves Titan Exotic Legs
  • Suppressing Glaive Artifact Armor Mod

Players have to complete all encounters, loot the final chest, and return to orbit to earn the World First title.