Where to find Trivial, Enigmatic, and Ascendant Mysteries in Destiny 2 Shattered Realm: Forest of Echoes

Bring all your Wayfinder Powers. You're gonna need them.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s Shattered Realm: Forest of Echoes hides far more than just the location of the lost Techeuns. Players can find a series of secret chests as part of Trivial Mysteries if they know where to look. Looting the chest will automatically conclude the Trivial Mystery, so they are essentially the same thing.

Finding the Mysteries involves a fair bit of going back and forth through the Ascendant Plane. The effort is worth it, though. Each chest has a chance of dropping Season of the Lost weapons and armor, and the Trivial Mysteries are part of the Ley Line Rumors seasonal challenge. To find all of them, though, you’ll need all three powers in your Wayfinder’s Compass.

Here are all of the secret chests and Trivial Mysteries in the first Shattered Realm activity, Forest of Echoes. Players can solve them in any order, but this is the simplest way we’ve found to trim down backtracking through the Ascendant Plane.

Trivial Mystery: Left Behind (Ruins)

After activating the first beacon, you’ll get a message saying that “reactivated Ley Lines ignite ancient technology.” This is your cue that the first batch of Barrier Breach totems are now active, and you can hunt down some Trivial Mysteries of your own.

For the first chest, Make your way to the right of the church and climb on the ledges. You’ll find an Ascendant Anchor here if you haven’t collected it already. Go into the small ruins ahead and you’ll spot a door with a barrier.

Climb to the ledge on the right side, then jump onto the rock and stick close to the wall so you can activate the Barrier Breach inside the ruins through the wall. Walk in and pick up your treasure.

Trivial Mystery: Airwalk (Ruins)

After getting the previous chest, activate the True Sight totem on the right side of the area and follow the path to reveal a chest that solves the Airwalk Trivial Mystery. You can refresh True Sight and stay on the platforms to reach a tower that also serves as a shortcut to the next secret.

Trivial Mystery: Twofold Ward (Outer Ruins)

If you took the platforms after the Airwalk mystery and made it to the tower, you can see another chest on your left and jump there. If not, make your way to the Outer Ruins, on the other side of the courtyard (to the left side of the entrance to the church).

Head back to the church and make a left instead of following the right path to continue the mission. After going up a small incline, you’ll spot some large ruins ahead, filled with Taken enemies. Kill them and hop onto the small destroyed pillar, then jump to the ruined floors above. From there, walk around the wall to find a Barrier Breach totem.

Use the Barrier Breach to go past the barrier blocking the way through the collapsed wall and you’ll find another Trivial Mystery inside. Use the Barrier Breach right by the doorway to backtrack.

Enigmatic Mystery: As Above, So Unseen (Courtyard)

Head back to the Courtyard from the Outer Ruins and you’ll see a True Sight totem nearby. Activate it to spot an Ascendant path that leads you to the top, then look for a Safe Passage totem on the courtyard, close to a grave. Trigger it to turn off the slowing effect and follow the ledges for an Enigmatic Mystery this time.

Enigmatic Mystery: The Bells (Courtyard/Abbey of Whispers)

After grabbing the last triumph, head inside the church and trigger both the True Sight and the Barrier Breach totems. True Sight will reveal an easier pathway to the top of the building, where there’s an Ascendant Anchor. From there, refresh True Sight and follow the Ascendant platforms upwards to find another Enigmatic Mystery. Drop down to the church rooftop.

Trivial Mystery: Enshrined (The Shrine)

Now that you have True Sight, you can finally reach the shrine that’s been floating in the distance since Forest of Echoes launched. From the church rooftop, refresh your True Sight and follow the Ascendant path towards a floating shrine (the Taken Wizards make it easy to spot where you’re headed). Make sure to jump high or you risk getting tangled into the field of strife and losing the ability to jump.

From there, kill all enemies, but don’t interact with the relic just yet. Activate True Sight and look at the statue to find this Trivial Mystery. If True Sight is not active, you won’t be able to see the chest.

Ascendant Mystery: Dark Ritual (The Crypt/Abbey of Whispers)

From the shrine, grab the relic and activate the True Sight totem to unveil a path. Once you get to the last ledge before the church, look right and you’ll spot a faint trace of another pathway. Jump to it, head inside, and prepare for a fight.

Like the Wish Ender quest, an enemy will spawn after you deposit the relic on a statue, prompting you to take out a series of adds and a boss. After you’re done, you can grab the chest for a reward—but don’t go out just yet.

Trivial Mystery: Laid to Rest (Crypt)

After taking out the enemies inside the Techeun’s crypt, activate True Sight and look to the left of the statue to spot another invisible chest. From here, you can use True Sight to backtrack and come out on the other side of the Catacombs for another Trivial Mystery. You can also bring Ager’s Scepter to carve your way through a rock on the other side of the crypt, leading you straight to the church.

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Trivial Mystery: Entombed (The Catacombs)

From the Crypt, you can use the totems to make your way to the other side of the Catacombs, and you’ll spawn right next door to a chest. Just follow the narrow hallway and you’ll find it. You can use Ager’s Scepter to carve a pathway out as well.

You can also access the Catacombs at any time from the Courtyard thanks to a handy Barrier Breach totem near it.

Trivial Mystery: Taken Root (The Descent)

After leaving the Catacombs, head straight ahead until you find a cavern to the right, with a Barrier Breach totem nearby. Use it, go through the barrier, and look to the left to find another chest. There’s also an Ascendant Anchor in this area.

Trivial Mystery: In Shadow (Harrowed Cliffs)

After aligning the second beacon, activate the True Sight Totem on the right side and follow the path to a ledge with True Sight and a Barrier Breach totem. Activate Barrier Breach, then jump across the gap and through a barrier to find another Trivial Mystery.

Alternatively, if you don’t have True Sight, you can still grab this by jumping over the walls near the totem and crossing the gap to the platform. Don’t backtrack yet.

Trivial Mystery: Abandoned (The Mill)

The next Trivial Mystery is on the Mill, right by the clearing with the second beacon. Jump onto the nearby rocks and make your way to the roof of the building. From there, you can leap onto a ledge with a Barrier Breach totem that will let you enter the mill for another Trivial Mystery. Don’t head out just yet.

Enigmatic Mystery: Vantage (Sunken Cave)

From the Mill, head back towards the roof and activate the True Sight totem to find another Ascendant path that leads you to the top of Sunken Cave. Kill the enemies and look for another True Sight totem, then activate it to see another path appear in front of you.

Look for a Safe Passage totem at the foot of the first ledge and activate it to get as far as you can, but you may struggle with getting past the field of strife before the Safe Passage buff runs out. Warlocks with top tree Dawnblade or Titans with Thundercrash can use their ultimate to get to the top once the buff returns, though.

Trivial Mystery: Deep Defenses (The Sunken Cave)

From the top of the Sunken Cave, find a Barrier Breach totem and use it to drop down from a barrier on the ceiling. Find a Barrier Breach totem and use it to bypass a barrier and grab another chest. Return through the opening at the end to get to the square.

Alternatively, you can access the Sunken Cave from the square with the statues and the well. Just take the True Sight totem by a ruined building and follow the path.

Ascendant Mystery: Born of Darkness (The Well)

From the bottom of the Sunken Cave, come out on the other side and look for an invisible path that will lead you back to the square. Make a mental note of the well and the Taken goo in it—it’s not going to stay like that for much longer.

Return to the second beacon and take out the Taken Blights on top of a nearby rock, then follow the path until you destroy them all. Toland, The Shattered, the smuggest floating ball of light in the Sol System, will appear and point you towards the well. Go down and prepare for another fight.

Just like the other Ascendant Mystery in this list, you’ll face off against several adds and a boss. Taking them out shouldn’t be a problem, however, and you’ll bag another Ascendant Mystery for your trouble. This area also connects to the bottom of the Sunken Cave.