Where to find the Temple of Cunning in Destiny 2

A monument to those who came before. Also really hard to get to.

Image via Bungie

The Temple of Cunning is a location buried deep beneath the surface of Savathun’s Throne World in Destiny 2’s the Witch Queen expansion. Your first introduction to this location is through chapter 2 of the Witch Queen campaign, however, Guardians will return to the location in the post-campaign Exotic quest “Of Worms and Queens” as well.

It’s quite a long journey from the surface to reach and the waypoint marker can be disorienting at times, so here’s a guide on where to find the Temple of Cunning in Destiny 2.

Enter through Quagmire

Screengrab via Destiny 2

You can start your journey from the Quagmire region, heading up to the northern side and into the entrance to the cave system there. There will only be one path to follow, marked by the glowing Hive spores that you can shoot to illuminate dark spaces. Following this path will take you directly into the Temple of the Wrathful, where a few scorn and a dark orange portal will greet you.

Temple of the Wrathful

Screengrab via Destiny 2

Take the portal at the back of this first room, as it serves as a shortcut to the next area you need to go to. Through the portal will be an open area with three different paths to take in front of you: one to the left along an open chasm edge, one that takes you inside the central structure, and one through the canyon on the right side. Take the left path and follow it all the way to the bridge that takes you across the chasm. This bridge leads directly into the Temple of Cunning.

Screengrab via Destiny 2

Temple of Cunning

Screenshot via Destiny 2

You will know that you’re in the right place when you follow the path and come up to this entrance. In the campaign, it is blocked and requires using the Deepsight node in the center of the room to access, but if you’re returning here for Of Queens and Worms it should be open. Continue to follow the one available path through the temple and you will eventually arrive at the very top of the Temple of Cunning, overlooking its hellish landscape below.