Where to find Starhorse and Xûr in Destiny 2

They're probably together for eternity. Also in Eternity.

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Whether you’re looking for Xûr bounties or just want to pet Starhorse, you’ll need to know where they are. These two are located in a new area specific to the 30th Anniversary Pack called “Eternity”—not to be confused with the corner of Bray Exoscience with the same name. And to find it, you just need to go to your map.

The very inconspicuous new location called Eternity houses a pocket of the new activities in the 30th Anniversary Pack. This includes the free six-man activity Dares of Eternity (also featuring Xûr and Starhorse), the Grasp of Avarice, and Xûr’s Treasure Hoard. You’ll find the dynamic duo in the treasure room.

Once you head inside, Xûr will function as a vendor with his own reputation track, rewards for 30th Anniversary Pack contents, and Dares of Eternity bounties. You can spend Treasure Keys on the chest in front of him, and if you look a little bit to the front of it, you’ll also find Starhorse.

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The Eternal Equine has a series of unique bounties that have a few different conditions than most other bounties. You can only have one Starhorse bounty at any time and it must be completed in a single go of Dares of Eternity. You can also refund those bounties at any time from the quests screen and they don’t expire.

Starhorse also has a Strange Coin exchange, which lets you redeem your Strange Coins for different rewards, including Legendary Engrams, Glimmer, Treasure Keys, and a Paracausal Haul—a type of package that can contain Exotic gear, Legendary gear, Strange Coins, or Treasure Keys, according to its tooltip. Although Strange Coins can be converted into all sorts of rewards, The Spider will likely be a more accessible source of Glimmer, considering he accepts destination materials instead of Strange Coins.

Finishing Starhorse bounties is also a requirement for the Magnum Opus quest that rewards the Forerunner Exotic sidearm, which is free for all players. Starhorse bounties cost three to seven Strange Coins, however, depending on their yield. This means you’ll have to spend some in Dares of Eternity to afford it.

Whether you’re looking for bounties to get some extra XP, be sure to visit Xûr and Starhorse to redeem your items from Dares of Eternity.


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