How to fix error code CAT in Destiny 2

It's not a general networking error and it has a simple solution.

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Destiny 2 has a plethora of error codes, and their arcane naming system may leave fans wondering what ANTEATER has to do with the game. Destiny 2‘s error code CAT is no different.

If you’ve played Destiny 2 long enough, odds are you’ve stumbled upon your share of error code CAT messages. They happen frequently whenever new content drops, so if you’ve been around for a season (or even a hotfix), odds are you’ll have spotted this error when you booted up the game.

Luckily for players, though, error code CAT is one of the easiest to fix. It can appear due to issues on Bungie’s side or on the player’s side. And if it’s the latter, it has a simple solution.

What is error code CAT in Destiny 2?

Error code CAT usually appears when Bungie has deployed a hotfix or patch. The occurrence shows up when a new update to Destiny 2 is available, according to Bungie, and launching the game without installing the latest patch can give you an error code CAT.

In essence, error code CAT just means you don’t have the most up-to-date version of the game, and you’ll have to download the latest update to play. This can happen due to a litany of reasons. You’ll receive that message if you’re trying to play while Destiny 2 is undergoing maintenance, for instance. Bungie could also have deployed a small hotfix that went unnoticed, or the update may not have appeared in your storefront (or didn’t download automatically).

Error code CAT is a common sight in expansion or season launches. Players could either rush into the new expansion without downloading the update or outright not receive the update on their platform of choice, which precludes them from accessing the game. If you keep getting an error code CAT when logging in, restart your game and log out of your storefront of choice to see if there’s a new update available.

Additionally, error code CAT can also appear while Destiny 2 undergoes maintenance, especially as part of the process of deploying a hotfix or an update. Minor hotfixes generally have a smaller maintenance window and are faster to download, so, depending on your platform settings, you may even download them before you notice.

A message showing the error code cat with the following text: "Destiny servers are not available. Please check that you have applied all Destiny 2 updates. For more information, visit and search: cat"
This message can appear if you’re trying to log into Destiny before maintenance is over. Screenshot by Dot Esports

Bigger patches can come with a longer downtime, though, and trying to log in during the maintenance window after Bungie has deployed a patch can give you the error message—even if the patch hasn’t hit the platforms. Players who don’t know if the game is under maintenance can continue to experience an error message if they log in while the maintenance is out. In this case, checking for pending downloads on your platform or looking through Bungie’s official support Twitter account will let you know if there are any ongoing interruptions in service, for instance, for planned maintenance before an update.

Error code CAT in Destiny 2’s Season of the Wish

Because of how Destiny 2 treats updates, players are bound to see an error code CAT whenever the new content hits the servers. You could encounter a similar message if you try to log in while there is an ongoing maintenance window.

In practice, this means the version of Destiny 2 you’re trying to open isn’t in line with the “latest” version. If you’re encountering error code CAT, check for new updates on your platform of choice. With the release of update 7.3.0 (Season of the Wish) on Nov. 28, players on Twitter have reported plenty of CAT errors. If you don’t have the latest patch, the servers will keep you at bay until you have the newest version of the game.

You can also look to Bungie’s support channels for more information, including planned maintenance schedules, patch notes, and more details on service interruptions.

Because error code CAT appears when you have the wrong game version, fixing it is a matter of updating your game. Here’s how you can solve the issue on most platforms.

How to fix error code CAT on PC

Players can use Destiny 2 on Steam, on the Microsoft Games Store, and in the Epic Games Store (as of Season of Plunder). Their process is similar across all platforms.

To update the game on Steam, you can restart the Steam client if the download isn’t available. Rebooting Steam should show the update under the Library tab. If that doesn’t work, however, verifying the cache integrity or clearing the download cache on Steam can help, Bungie says. You can also set Steam to keep Destiny 2 updated, which should trim the odds of getting that error code.

On the Microsoft Store, press the ellipsis (“…”) symbol that appears next to your profile icon, then look for the Get Updates button on the Downloads and Updates tab. You can also head into the My Collections tab of the Xbox PC app and look for Manage Installs on the top-right.

If you’re using the Epic Games Store, the process is similar to Steam. Restart the Epic launcher, and the download should start once you boot the app back up. If that fails, Bungie suggests verifying your files on the Epic launcher.

How to fix error code CAT on consoles: PlayStations and Xbox

Most consoles will download updates automatically, but that may not always be the case. According to Bungie’s help page, if you’re on the PlayStation 5 and need to manually update Destiny 2, sign into your PSN account, then look for Destiny 2 under the Games tab. Look for “Options,” then select “Check for Update.” On the PS4, navigate to the Notifications menu by pressing up on the D-Pad, then look for “Downloads” and click on the Destiny Update File icon, Bungie suggests. The PlayStation 3 has a different process and its own official page.

The method isn’t too different for Xbox console owners. Both next-gen and current-gen users need to open the My Games and Apps tab from the Xbox Home Menu. Then look for “Manage and Updates,” then find Destiny 2. Players may have to fully turn off their system to see the new update, Bungie warns. If you still can’t find the update, follow Bungie’s official advice on its console-specific pages.


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