Something New god roll and best perks in Destiny 2

Headstone is definitely a top contender.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2‘s Solstice event added the Something New hand cannon in 2022, giving players the first Stasis 120rpm hand cannon. Though 120rpms are still in an odd spot, Something New offers a few unique options but doesn’t have as many tools to mitigate the archetype’s downsides. The lack of staple perks for both PvE and PvP waters down its efficiency, but having Headstone or Demolitionist doubles down on its uniqueness.

While the Solstice lasts, Something New is also one of the most easily accessible 120rpm hand cannons in Destiny 2 and it’s free for all players, making it easy to chase rolls of this archetype. And though the days of the undisputed supremacy of 120rpm hand cannons in the Crucible are long gone, this archetype can still be a good contender, especially in the right hands. It faces steady competition for the Kinetic slot, though, since using it means skipping on strong 140rpm hand cannons such as Austringer, Eyasluna, and Fatebringer.

Here are our god rolls for Something New in both PvE and PvP, with a breakdown of our choices and all of Something New’s perks so you can make your own god roll.

Something New PvE god roll

  • Barrel: Corkscrew Rifling, Smallbore, Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Mag: Appended Mag, High-Caliber Rounds, Armor-Piercing Rounds, or Light Mag
  • First perk (third column): Feeding Frenzy or Stats For All
  • Second perk (fourth column): Headstone, Demolitionist, or Multikill Clip

Something New PvP god roll

  • Barrel: Fluted Barrel, Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Mag: Appended Mag, High-Caliber Rounds,
  • First perk (third column): Tunnel Vision (Honorable mention: Ensemble)
  • Second perk (fourth column): Harmony (Honorable mention: Well-Rounded)

Something New suffers from not having access to some of the most popular perks for both game modes. PvE players will notice the lack of Outlaw and Rapid Hit on the third column, as well as the absence of Rampage, Kill Clip, and even Explosive Payload. PvP players, on the other hand, will miss staple perks such as Killing Wind, Snapshot Sights, Opening Shot, and Explosive Payload. It does make up for this deficiency with uniqueness in the form of Headstone and Demolitionist, though those are more suited for PvE.

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Something New first perks

The third column for Something New boasts a few alternatives that perform better than their peers based on game mode, but the rest are middle-of-the-pack perks whose utility highly depends on playstyle and preference. While you won’t get anything that’s outright a detriment, there are a few options that just aren’t stellar unless for specific purposes. Here are all of Something New’s perks based on information from, and our breakdown of them.

Feeding Frenzy and Stats For All

For PvE, Feeding Frenzy and Stats For All top the leaderboards in this column. Something New is a 120rpm, meaning it comes with the long reload and short magazine capacity intrinsic to the archetype. Unlike other Aggressive Frame hand cannons, though, it doesn’t come with Outlaw, Rapid Hit, or Surplus, making reload-boosting perks like Feeding Frenzy and Stats For All the clear choice.

With Feeding Frenzy, each kill progressively grants you reload speed for a short duration and stacks up to five times. With Stats For All, hitting three different enemies will vastly boost your reload, handling, stability, and range for 10 seconds. Two stacks of Feeding Frenzy will give you a bigger benefit to reload speed than Stats For All, but both are solid choices depending on your preferred activation trigger. Assuming you don’t miss your shots, Stats For All requires almost half of your base magazine (one-third with Appended Mag and one-fourth with Appended Mag and Backup Mag), so even though there’s a good margin for error here, it’s still fairly costly to activate—but better than other choices on this list.


Wellspring is highly up to personal preference. Though it may not always top the god roll charts, the free ability energy it gives is helpful, and in the case of Something New, there isn’t much to go up against it. The Wellspring/Demolitionist combo can also be helpful for ability builds, though it will lack the benefits from Feeding Frenzy and One For All.

Triple Tap

Triple Tap is usually a solid option, but Something New doesn’t benefit as much from it as other weapons. Triple Tap adds another round to your magazine after landing three precision hits in short succession. Even though you can chain Triple Tap a few times, especially with Appended Mag/Backup Mag, odds are you’ll get more benefit from Stats For All, particularly in lower-level content. Triple Tap is not a bad roll, but unlike Stats For All/Feeding Frenzy, it doesn’t directly boost your reload, though it delays the time you can go by without reloading. It’s ultimately a matter of playstyle, however, so pick your rolls based on preference and availability.

Tunnel Vision (PvP)

Tunnel Vision is a solid perk for PvP, and it doesn’t really hurt on PvE either. For PvP, you’ll get improved aim assist, handling, and ADS speed if you reload after a kill, which can help give you an edge in the Crucible. For PvE, those benefits are handy, but they come at the steep cost of Feeding Frenzy or Stats For All (which have little uptime in the Crucible).


Ensemble is a solid choice for group content since it tackles one of Something New’s biggest downsides: its reload speed. It has a fairly simple activation trigger that requires only that you’re close to an ally. Solo players, however, won’t really get much use out of Ensemble. Though that’s not necessarily a dealbreaker for this perk’s utility, it’s certainly something to keep in mind for the solo-based guardians and could be the case of keeping a separate roll without it for solo content depending on how much vault space you have.

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Something New second perks

The fourth column has a few options that excel in general use, but it lacks staple PvP perks. Crucible fans may not find much to use here, while PvE players have a few good choices in their hands.


The most unique perk for Something New, Headstone is a must for Stasis builds or just general crowd control. Creating a Stasis crystal on a headshot will freeze nearby enemies and shooting it creates a detonation that deals shatter damage. Not only that, but Something New will one-shot headshot most red bars, making it easier to activate than Vulpecula, which needs two shots. It’s definitely a unique choice and one of the best options in this slot.


With the reissuing of Loud Lullaby taking some of its perks and with True Prophecy being an elusive drop in the Dares of Eternity pool, Something New is the only easily accessible 120rpm hand cannon that can roll with Demolitionist, at least while the Solstice lasts. Demolitionist is a strong perk that gives players grenade energy on a kill, and it will also reload your weapon whenever you throw a grenade. If you’re using a grenade-focused build with high grenade uptime, this perk lets you essentially bypass Something New’s long reload speed by throwing grenades left and right—and with free grenade energy on top.

Multikill Clip

Something New doesn’t really need damage buffs, but that doesn’t mean they’re not welcome. Multikill Clip is a solid way of giving this hard-hitting hand cannon even more firepower since it gives you bonus damage based on the number of kills before reloading, and this helps make it even more of a beast against enemies. It also synergizes well with Feeding Frenzy due to its activation requirements. though Demolitionist and Headstone have more utility, Multikill Clip will beat them in terms of sheer firepower if you can proc it.


Harmony boosts damage and handling if you swap after getting a kill with a different weapon. Since Something New is bound to be your workhorse gun, odds are it won’t get as much uptime as it would on a Special weapon. It’s also a flat damage buff that can be almost matched by one stack of Multikill Clip and vastly outranked by two or three stacks of it, which diminishes its effectiveness. With the sheer power of Special weapons in the Crucible (and even with double primaries in some circumstances), Harmony gets some good value for PvP activities, and there isn’t much competition for it. If you really need a 120rpm hand cannon for PvP, however, you’ll get more use out of other contenders like True Prophecy, Bottom Dollar, and Loud Lullaby, as well as the now-defunct Igneous Hammer.

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Well-Rounded boosts handling, stability, and range after hitting a target with a powered melee or a grenade, which is a balanced boost with fairly low activation requirements. In most cases in PvE, however, you’ll get more benefit from Headstone or Demolitionist. For PvP, your procs may not be as frequent, but the extra stats can be handy when it does activate. Besides, Well-Rounded isn’t exactly going up against Snapshot Sights or Killing Wind, so it’s a decent PvP choice based on the options on the table, though it still pales in comparison to Harmony.


Like Wellspring, Thresh can be useful in certain builds, and it even works in the Crucible. It can be a decent choice if you’re focused on getting your Super, but for general use, you’ll get far more benefit out of other perks on this list, regardless of activity type.