How to get the Scallywag title in Destiny 2

As close as you can get to being a pirate in Destiny 2 without booting up Sea of Thieves.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s Season of Plunder brought a ton of pirate action to the game, and its seasonal title is no different. Players who make the most out of Season of Plunder can display the Scallywag title under their Bungie ID, though unlocking it will require a fair bit of commitment.

The seasonal activities are Ketchcrash—a six-man ship-vs-ship combat where you board the enemy ketch by hurling yourself from a cannon, Sea of Thieves style—and Expedition, which allows you to unearth buried treasure in the form of seasonal rewards. Pirate Hideouts are also a part of the weekly story, with each Pirate Lord serving as a weekly boss. Receiving the Scallywag title feels like a fitting end to commemorate the swashbuckling and buccaneering that guardians did throughout the season—and there is a lot of plundering to do if you want to become a Scallywag.

Luckily for players, though, there’s still plenty of time to obtain the title. It will be time-gated until the end of the seasonal storyline, which should take seven weeks based on previous seasons. Additionally, the Scallywag title isn’t going away with Season of Plunder. Instead, guardians have until Lightfall’s release in February 2023 to unlock this title.

Here are all the triumphs required to obtain the Scallywag title in Destiny 2.

How to unlock the Scallywag title in Destiny 2

  • Savior of the Seven Seas: Defeat all seven Pirate Lords.
  • With Full Sails: Purchase all Star Chart upgrades from the H.E.L.M.
  • Semaphore Signals: Listen to radio messages in the Ether Tank. They’re available after each weekly mission.
  • Beacon’s Guidance: Use the Treasure Beacons to decipher the location of the hidden treasure. Treasure Beacons are available as rewards from the Star Chart at ranks six, 10, and 16.
  • Crew’s Control: Summon each crewmate assigned as your First Mate in Expedition and Ketchcrash (requires 15 summons each).
  • Crash Course: Complete Ketchcrash on Master.
  • Scourge of Themis Cluster: Defeat all Ketchcrash bosses. They will likely be in a weekly rotation based on Season of the Haunted.
  • Fabulous Wealth: Deposit 250 Treasure into the Treasure Haul.
  • Robber Baron: Defeat Ruffians.
  • Salty Smith: Craft all Season of Plunder weapons.

Players chasing the Scallywag title will have to engage in the seasonal loop enough to complete the Sails of the Shipstealer questline, summon crewmates in Ketchcrash, and finish the Ketchcrash activity on Master. Expedition also comes with its own slew of challenges, which involve defeating Ruffians and depositing treasure, and players are bound to get them both done over time. The hardest part of it may be crafting all Season of Plunder weapons, which is required for the Salty Smith triumph. You’ll also need to craft all six seasonal weapons, which require five Deepsight drops each.

Though the prospect might seem daunting, the title will be available until Lightfall, so there should be enough time to get the Scallywag title before it goes away for good.