How to get Star-Eater Scales in Destiny 2

This Exotic greatly increases the power of your Super with any subclass.

Image via Bungie

The new Hunter Exotic in Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer may just be one of the best pieces of armor for the entire class.

Star-Eater Scales vastly increases the power of any Super, regardless of subclass, and can even make it rival Celestial Nighthawk’s Golden Gun—if you don’t miss your shots, that is.

How to get Star-Eater Scales

Like the rest of the new Exotics from Season of the Splicer, Star-Eater Scales is locked behind Legend and Master Lost Sectors. These are a far more challenging take on the known formula in Destiny 2, including a higher base power level, several champions, and modifiers such as Match Game.

Legend and Master Lost Sectors rotate each day, with a new activity (and a new reward) in each cycle. Completing them solo has a chance of awarding Exotic armor for a specific slot, which appears on the tooltip in the menu. To get Star-Eater Scales, players must complete a Legend or Master Lost Sector solo on a day when the reward is leg armor. It’s a fairly short time-gate since each reward rotates every four days.

Thanks to its modifiers and higher Power Level, completing a Legend (1,310) or Master (1,340) Lost Sector can be a tricky task for players who aren’t used to higher-level activities. It’s important to plan out the loadouts in advance and account for shield types and champion mods.

How to use Star-Eater Scales

The good part comes after obtaining the new Exotic. It increases the amount of Super energy that Guardians receive from Orbs of Power, which makes them charge their ability faster. After the bar is fully charged, picking up additional Orbs will award a buff called Feast of Light, which stacks up to four times. Each stack improves the damage and power of your Super and weapons and will heal the user upon casting the ability.

Although players are still discovering the intricacies of this armor piece, it’s clear that the new Exotic can take the place of Celestial Nighthawk as one of the best damaging tools in the arsenal of any Hunter, particularly if you pair it with a Tether.

Star-Eater Scales boost all damage by 15 percent per stack of Feast of Light, according to calculations by a player. The added damage stacks with the debuff from Tether to create particularly deadly shots. Content creator Scrub showcased how much damage it can do to Taniks during the final encounter of Deep Stone Crypt using one of the most optimal DPS loadouts: Anarchy with two slug shotguns.

The stacks of Feast of Light disappear on death, which can be fairly impractical for Gambit or Crucible. For regular PvE activities, however, Star-Eater Scales can quickly become one of the best options for Exotic armor.